4 November 2010

Climate change isn’t a game. Or is it?

Posted by vivienne

The fate of the world could rest on your computer. I’m talking about the Fate of the World: a PC strategy game with a geoscientific twist. A beta version of the game is now available.

Players must lead the world’s growing population through the next 200 years of climate change based on – the game’s developers say – “the latest science”. They’ve roped in climate scientist Dr Myles Allen from the University of Oxford to give advice.

The game was created by UK indie developer Red Redemption. They’re a team of coders with a conscience, whose previous game Climate Challenge is available to download from the BBC’s website.

Fate of the World costs £9.99 plus tax (about US $19.00) to pre-order and you can download the beta straight away. I’ve found reviews of the beta by PC Gamer and the Guardian. There’s also interviews and discussion about the game on the Guardian website.

The final version of the game is scheduled for launch in February 2011 by digital download. A CD version is promised in March 2011.