April 10, 2017

Paths Through Science: Lonnie Leithold

Paths Through Science: Lonnie Leithold

Paths Through Science highlights the many diverse paths AGU’s scientists have charted across the disciplines within Earth and space science through interviews with professionals in government, academia, industry, and non-profit sectors. Our April profile features Lonnie Leithold.  Lonnie Leithold, a sedimentologist, is a professor and co-director of graduate programs at North Carolina State University’s Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. In this month’s Paths Through Sciences, Lonnie shares some …


April 3, 2017

How to Pitch Yourself and Other Baseball-themed Career Advice on Opening Day

Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball.  In honor of the start of baseball season, I’m going to discuss some career advice with a slant towards baseball.  As an Earth and space science bonus, watch this video about the special mud used to scuff up baseballs which features Prof. David Velinsky discussing the conditions in the Delaware tributary where the mud is collected. Be a Five-Tool Player Though having …


March 31, 2017

Shifting your career path in a changing scientific climate

In December 1972, when the last Apollo mission, Apollo 17, landed on the moon, I was an undergraduate working in a research group that used data from seismometers the astronauts installed and left behind. It was exciting to have even a very minor part in a group investigating the moon’s structure and evolution.  However, we knew the Apollo program would soon be ending. President John Kennedy started the program in …


March 27, 2017

Believe the Positive…It’s Probably True

Confidence is a powerful thing, and as it turns out, a lack of confidence is a debilitating thing.  Years ago, Saturday Night Live’s Stewart Smalley encouraged us all to say, “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”  It’s a self-affirmation that we could all use from time to time. Many new graduates, and even more students, fear that they aren’t all that they need to …


March 24, 2017

Creating a Scientific Poster in PowerPoint: A Video Tutorial

As part of our continuing series designed to help participants in the Virtual Poster Showcase, we’ve created a video tutorial showing how to create a scientific poster. The video specifically shows the steps needed to create a scientific poster using PowerPoint. Though the video is intended for AGU Virtual Poster Showcase participants, the same steps can be applied to creating posters for any conference. This video will walk you through the steps …


March 22, 2017

Did you miss last week’s webinar? Recording of “Understanding Your Brand: A Recruiter’s Perspective” is now available!

If you weren’t able to join us last week for “Understanding Your Brand: A Recruiter’s Perspective,” you can still watch the presentation.  During the presentation, Frank DeSafey and Erica Crumley of Sequence Staffing shared advice on how to sharpen up your job search.  Learn more about how to best present yourself to potential employers from the recruiter’s side of things. The recording is free and open to all after a brief registration …


March 17, 2017

Paths Through Science: What will your career path look like?

A successful career can take many routes and directions. And a career, unlike a job, is more than just a resume or C.V. builder. It is the development of skills built over time and is shaped by many jobs and professional or volunteer roles. Each month, the AGU Career Center releases a new profile in the ongoing series  Paths Through Science. These profiles highlight the many roles in Earth and …


March 15, 2017

Interview Success: It’s Not You, It’s Them

For more career advice, register for the AGU Webinar this Thursday, 16 March, at 2PM ET: Understanding Your Brand: A Recruiter’s Perspective. It finally came!  After weeks and months of reading job ads, crafting the perfect resume, submitting applications, and then waiting, waiting, waiting…you got a call for an interview.  Hooray! After you take a moment to savor the success of making it to the next level, it’s time to start …


March 9, 2017

Join AGU Webinars on 16 March for “Understanding Your Brand: A Recruiter’s Perspective”

Join AGU Webinars on 16 March for "Understanding Your Brand: A Recruiter's Perspective"

Join our webinar next week when Frank DeSafey and Erica Crumley of Sequence Staffing will share advice on how to sharpen up your job search by providing you with insights from the recruiter’s side of the table. Join us on 16 March, 2 PM ET, as we launch the new AGU Webinars program with the first in a monthly series of webinars aimed at career and professional development topics: Understanding …


Are you new to the world of research? Here are some tips for writing your abstract for the Virtual Poster Showcase

Are you new to the world of research?  Here are some tips for writing your abstract for the Virtual Poster Showcase

Writing a compelling abstract that engages your audience can be a challenge: you’ve got just a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention.  85% of the time that reader will have made a decision, consciously or unconsciously, on whether they’ll continue reading after just the title and the first sentence.  In this blog, I will discuss what is needed to submit a VPS abstract and provide some additional tips on …