May 10, 2017

Upcoming Webinars for the Week of 15 May

AGU will be hosting several webinars next week.  These are great opportunities to build your knowledge and prepare for your career path so plan ahead and register today.  You can view more upcoming webinars at the new 15 May, 2-3PM ET: SCIENCING SOCIAL MEDIA Are you a scientist who wants to learn the best way to start using social media for science? Or are you an experienced social media …


May 9, 2017

Salary Negotiations: The First Steps

We hope you will join us later this month on 18 May, at 2PM ET, when we explore negotiations further in our next career and professional development webinar, “Getting to Yes: Learning to Negotiate More Effectively.” Register today. If you’re going to negotiate your salary, the best time to do it is after you have a job offer, but before you accept it.  This is when you have the most …


May 2, 2017

Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Spring Virtual Poster Showcase

Thank you to all of you students and judges for participating in the 2017 Spring Virtual Poster.  The showcase has ended and the results are in. All nine lead authors will receive a plaque and a complimentary AGU membership for 2018.  As the first place winners of the graduate and undergraduate showcases, Babak Jalalzadeh Fard and Jacob Smith will get to redeem one of our student travel grants next year …


April 27, 2017

Rallying Against Your Instincts During Your Job Hunt

Earlier this month, David Harwell wrote an article about the power of positive thinking.  While his article focused on how to receive feedback, I’d like to revisit the same ideas today under the lens of your job search. In the earlier article, Dave talked about how our “fight-or-flight” instincts tend to kick in when we receive criticisms.  Fight-or-flight doesn’t just impact how well you respond to how others’ opinions, it …


April 21, 2017

Heidi Gottschall, InternView: Putting your path into focus

Heidi Gotschall worked as an intern at AGU last fall.  One of the many projects she worked on during her time here was our new Pathfinder Beta tool.  In today’s blog, Heidi reflects on what she learned while working on the project.  You can learn more about Pathfinder Beta at the end of the article. I never knew the answer to the question of what I want to do when …


April 17, 2017

Join AGU Webinars on 20 April for “Making the Most Out of Summer Opportunities in the Earth and Space Sciences”

With summer comes a host of short-term opportunities. Whether you’ll be in the field or doing research, we’ll provide you with strategies to make the summer last. Please join us as our guests Rebecca Haacker and Valerie Sloan from NCAR|UCAR present our webinar on Thursday, 20 April, 2PM EST.  Register for this opportunity now! For even more discussion about how to make your summer work a catalyst for your career, …


April 14, 2017

On the Job: Weekly Round-Up: 7-14 April, 2017

The AGU Career Center Newsletter is sent out on the first Tuesday of every month.  It contains AGU news and announcements especially tailored to students and early career scientists, as well as links to articles related to career and professional development and recent jobs posted on the AGU Career Center.   If you aren’t already subscribed, you can do so by filling out this form.  In the meantime, here are a …


April 12, 2017

Wherever you go, there you are

Editor’s Note: Forward progress is essential to a successful career.  In today’s article, Lisa Balbes discusses strategies to keep you moving onward even when it feels like you’re standing still.  On 20 April, 2PM ET, Rebecca Haacker and Valerie Sloan will discuss getting the most out of short-term summer opportunities.  You can register now! There are very few, if any, people who get their dream job right out of school …


April 10, 2017

Paths Through Science: Lonnie Leithold

Paths Through Science highlights the many diverse paths AGU’s scientists have charted across the disciplines within Earth and space science through interviews with professionals in government, academia, industry, and non-profit sectors. Our April profile features Lonnie Leithold.  Lonnie Leithold, a sedimentologist, is a professor and co-director of graduate programs at North Carolina State University’s Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. In this month’s Paths Through Sciences, Lonnie shares some …


April 3, 2017

How to Pitch Yourself and Other Baseball-themed Career Advice on Opening Day

Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball.  In honor of the start of baseball season, I’m going to discuss some career advice with a slant towards baseball.  As an Earth and space science bonus, watch this video about the special mud used to scuff up baseballs which features Prof. David Velinsky discussing the conditions in the Delaware tributary where the mud is collected. Be a Five-Tool Player Though having …