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23 April 2015

Amazing Time-Lapse of Calbuco Volcano in Chile

This video speaks for itself: Check out the image at sunset from the NY Times twitter feed. Also Andy Revkin has more info here.


7 September 2014

Volcanic Shock Wave from Papua New Guinea

Turn up the sound, and watch. Isn’t geology cool!


5 February 2014

Stunning HD videos show volcanoes erupting … gorgeously

As the Tectonic Plates bend, creak, snap, and rattle in earthquakes, blobs of heated rock rise through them from within and punch through the surface, puffing out vast clouds of rock dust and volatile gas, and pouring out mounds upon mounds of hardening molten rock. Volcanoes may fall under the purview of some other realms of the blogosphere, but a spate of recent videos are just too stunning (and informative!) …


14 November 2010

Book Review: The Road

I’ve been on a bit of a post-apocalyptic kick this year. It all started when I got Fallout 3 last Christmas, and once I finished that game I moved on to reading some of the classics of the genre like On the Beach and I am Legend and The Stand. There’s something oddly fascinating about seeing characters face the end of the world, and to me it’s even more interesting …