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25 May 2016

TED – an “idea worth spreading” in the classroom

TED talks showcase “ideas worth spreading” through talks that are 18 minutes or less. What can they provide to the Earth science classroom? – an introduction to scientists and a spark for classroom conversation, for starters…


10 May 2016

The location of the Chitan hydropower landslide

The location of the Chitan hydropower landslide Xinhua now reports that the number of people killed or missing in the Chitan Hydropower landslide on Sunday total 41 people, and that so far 31 bodies have been recovered.  A further 13 people were injured, some critically.  CCTV has put on Youtube a section of drone footage of the landslide site, showing the ongoing rescue operations: . This view suggests that the …


28 April 2016

Forecasting the time of failure: the Preonzo rockslide

In a wonderful new paper in the journal Landslides, Simon Loew and collagues describe the use of monitoring data to forecast the failure of the 2012 Preonzo rockslide in Switzerland


25 April 2016

Two new landslide videos: Espirito Santo, Brazil and an unknown site in SW China

Espirito Santo rock joint collapses There is an extraordinary video on Facebook showing massive collapses of sheeting joints in Espirito Santo Brazil.  I cannot embed the video, but really recommend that you take a look.  This is the moment of collapse: . The collapse occurred in Pancas County of Espirito Santo in an area of granite massifs. The video was posted by Heinrich Theodor Frank, who provides the following comment …


6 April 2016

Course video trailers: Coming soon to a classroom near you

Course trailers are a strategy for attracting student interest and attendance… but are they instead slick promotional ads and introduce bias?


10 October 2015

New landslide video: excavator earth slide

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing an excavator earth slide


1 October 2015

Kothmale landslide in Sri Lanka: drone footage

Drone footage is now available of the interesting Kothmale landslide in Sri Lanka, which killed seven people on 25th September 2015


18 February 2015

Backtrack to… student feedback via video vs. red pen

Is it time to throw away your red grading pen, and to start providing feedback to your students via individual video clips? Two Australian researchers think so. But the question still remains… will students do anything with your feedback?


11 June 2014

Are geoscience journals ready for video abstracts?

How do we “get the word out” about a new paper we have published, whether the focus is scientific or pedagogical?  We list the citation on our CV’s and perhaps on our faculty page of a department website.  We might send copies to collaborators and colleagues at other institutions.  And some of us will use social media to share the news of having a new manuscript released. Social science researchers …


4 December 2011

Lost Cosmos Episode: The Meat Planet

I’m on my way to San Francisco later today, along with 20,000 of my closest friends. I’m not sure how much I will be able to blog about it, since I am still editing my dissertation and putting the final touches on my presentation for Wednesday, and AGU evenings are often spent catching up with friends and colleagues. For example, my adviser has started a tradition in which a large …


1 December 2011

Fly over Vesta in 3d!

Alright folks, time to bust out your 3D glasses! JPL just released this cool 3D flyover of Vesta, as seen by the Dawn spacecraft:


27 November 2011

MSL Launch Videos

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be in the VIP viewing area at Kennedy Space Center to watch Mars Science Laboratory launch to Mars! I’ll put up a proper post about the whole experience, but in the meantime enjoy these videos. The first is the one that I took, the second was taken by my friend Casey Dreier, and finally I’m posting the official NASA video of the launch. I find that the “home video” versions are more exciting because you get to hear the crowd’s reaction.


3 October 2011

Layers of the Earth

Well, this is going to be stuck in my head all day.  


20 September 2011

Spectacular Video of Earth from Orbit

If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to watch this spectacular time-lapse video of the earth at night as seen by the ISS.


14 September 2011

Gale Crater Traverse Video

Check out this video that I made of a possible traverse up the mound at Gale crater!


26 June 2011

Spectacular New MSL Animation!

You guys. Drop everything and take a look at this spectacular 11 minute animation of Curiosity landing on Mars!