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20 June 2014

Monsoon 2014: late but starting to have an impact (including two good new landslide videos)

Monsoon 2014 in South Asia is late this year, but the 16 landslide deaths overnight in Nepal suggest that it is now having an impact.


11 June 2014

Are geoscience journals ready for video abstracts?

How do we “get the word out” about a new paper we have published, whether the focus is scientific or pedagogical?  We list the citation on our CV’s and perhaps on our faculty page of a department website.  We might send copies to collaborators and colleagues at other institutions.  And some of us will use social media to share the news of having a new manuscript released. Social science researchers …


4 January 2014

Hastings rockfall: dramatic new landslide videos from southern England

New videos have appeared on Youtube over the last 24 hours of a large, dramatic rock cliff collapse at Rock-A-Nore near Hastings in East Sussex, England


21 November 2013

The extraordinary footage of the Typhoon Haiyan storm surge

Some amazing footage has emerged of the moment that the storm surge from Typhoon Haiyan struck the town of Hernani in Eastern Samar, Philippines


14 August 2013

Around the world in four days: NASA tracks Chelyabinsk meteor plume

Atmospheric physicist Nick Gorkavyi missed witnessing an event of the century last winter when a meteor exploded over his hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia. From Greenbelt, Md., however, NASA’s Gorkavyi and colleagues witnessed a never-before-seen view of the atmospheric aftermath of the explosion.


6 July 2013

Videos of Kedarnath on the day of the disaster, and in the aftermath, including a video of the disaster as it happened

A set of videos have appeared on Youtube showing the evants at Kedarnath during the disaster three weeks ago


18 June 2013

The monsoon arrives early in northern India and Nepal, inflicting a high cost

Early monsoon rainfall in northern India and Nepal has induced landslides and floods that have inflicted a high cost on the local population


13 May 2013

AGU Video: Prospects dim for ice-free Arctic Ocean helping slow global warming

The surface waters of a major portion of the Arctic Ocean are becoming saturated with carbon dioxide sooner than many scientists expected, all but halting the watery region’s ability to sop up more of the greenhouse gas from Earth’s atmosphere, new research finds.


23 April 2013

New landslide videos and resources

A round up post of some new landslide videos and other resources


14 March 2013

AGU Video: Lightning strike jumps the rails

The famous “kite with key” experiment Ben Franklin conducted in 1752 is more than just a legend for lightning researchers around the world—it’s a procedure. Sure, the kite has been replaced by a rocket, and the string-with-key contraption by a spool of wire, but the intent is still the same—to better understand nature’s flashes of electricity. Recently, an unusual rocket-triggered lightning strike was caught on video by lightning researchers in Florida, and its curious course from cloud to ground is described in a new scientific paper.


21 February 2013

Two coal mine landslides – both fatal (including a rockfall video)

High quality images and a video have emerged of two fatal coal mine landslides – one in China and one in the Philippines. Together they claimed 15 lives.


24 December 2012

Four landslide videos for Christmas

Four interesting new landslide videos, two from the USA, one from China and one from the UK


5 October 2012

Rare upward lightning videos reveal potential downward triggers

Meteorologists have documented upward lightning, which travels upward from the ground to the clouds, since 1939, but they remain puzzled about how it happens. Now, one research team’s analysis of high-speed video taken in Rapid City, South Dakota, captures a possible clue: a downward flash that preceded most upward lightning filmed by the observers.


29 September 2012

Updates and videos from a couple of recent landslides

A couple of interesting landslide stories this week (updated with an extra video below): 1. The Route 14 landslide near Cedar Falls, Utah Thanks to Alexandre Mathieu for the heads up on this one.  Back in October 2011, a huge landslide blocked State Route 14 near to Cedar Falls. Since then a huge project has been underway to reinstate the road.  This was completed this week, when the road reopened.  …


27 September 2012

Exceptional erosion undercuts an apartment block in the UK

In Newburn, near Newcastle in NE England, exceptional rainfall has caused the erosion of the foundations of an apartment block.


10 September 2012

New video of landslides from the earthquakes in China on Friday

A video of the immediate aftermath of the Yunnan earthquake sequence in China on Friday. Landslides are clearly a major cause of loss of life and of damage.


20 July 2012

Friday fun: So how does a landslide generate a tsunami? An amazing video of a collapsing glacier

A remarkable new video of a collapsing glacier from Greenland elegantly illustrates the processes through which landslides generate tsunamis


16 July 2012

Stunning images of four recent landslides

Remarkable video and photographic imagery has emerged this weekend of the aftermath of landslides in Alaska, Canada and Japan


15 June 2012

Halema’uma’u volcanic vent rockfall video

A neat video of the collapse of the west rim of the Halema’uma’u volcanic vent


12 June 2012

Video of the aftermath of yesterday’s earthquake triggered landslide in Afghanistan

A video is now available of the aftermath of the landslide triggered by the earthquake in Afghanistan yesterday