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24 April 2017

The Wellington earthquake landslide problem

A few days ago a newspaper in New Zealand highlighted the potential Wellington earthquake landslide problem. Research is ongoing into this key issue


9 April 2017

Papamoa: a brilliant video illustrating the mobility of landslides

A brilliant video has been uploaded to Facebook from Papamoa in New Zealand which illustrates the process of fluidisation of a rotational landslide


27 February 2017

NIWA maps huge submarine landslides triggered by the Kaikoura earthquakes

In New Zealand, two research cruises by NIWA have mapped massive submarine landslides triggered by the Kaikoura earthquakes


27 January 2017

Cromwell Gorge: earthquake-induced groundwater changes in very deep-seated landslides

In new paper, O’Brien et al. (2016) report that regional earthquakes generate substantial changes in the groundwater level in landslides in Cromwell Gorge, New Zealand


13 December 2016

Landslides caused by the 1929 M=7.8 Murchison earthquake in New Zealand

GNS Science have just released a report detailing an inventory of landslides triggered by the 1929 Murchison Earthquake in New Zealand


7 December 2016

The Icy Bay landslide in Alaska: a nice video describing the link with glacial melting

. The Icy Bay landslide in Alaska A very nice video has been posted on Youtube describing the link between the giant Icy Bay landslide in Alaska in 2015 (this landslide is also variously known as the Taan Fjord landslide and the Tyndall Glacier landslide), which is the largest known recent landslide in North America, and the melting of the adjacent glacier.  The video features Dr Michael Loso, physical scientist …


2 December 2016

The North Canterbury Landslide Dams website

Canterbury Maps has created the North Canterbury Landslide Dams portal to provide information about valley blocking landslides after the Kaikoura Earthquake


28 November 2016

A revised landslide map for the M=7.8 Kaikoura earthquake

Valkaniotis Sotiris of the University of Thessaloniki has posted a revised map of landslides triggered by the M=7.8 Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand


20 November 2016

Geonet commentary on landslides triggered by the Kaikoura Earthquake

Geonet have now provided an initial commentary on the >80,000 landslides triggered by the Kaikoura Earthquake in New Zealand.


18 November 2016

Complex, compound New Zealand earthquake – Part 2: Faulting by Day

Reeling from the massive M7.8 earthquake at midnight, its relentless aftershocks, and the continuing coastal threat of tsunami, New Zealanders awaited daylight on Monday to see the full extent of the destruction. The bizarre seismic records observed overnight had raised confusion and speculation about what faults were to blame for this earthquake. With an epicenter on land but also a several meter tsunami, it was clear that some complicated combination of on- …


17 November 2016

Hapuku River: a major landslide dam after the earthquake in New Zealand

A very large valley blocking landslide has occurred on the Hapuku River in New Zealand following the Kaikoura earthquake, creating a 150 m high dam


15 November 2016

Kaikoura earthquake landslides: the picture slowly emerges

Over the last 24 hours further information has started to emerge about Kaikoura earthquake landslides on the coast and inland.


14 November 2016

First news of landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake sequence in New Zealand yesterday

Images are just starting to emerge of multiple large landslides triggered by the Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand yesterday.


8 September 2016

PhD opportunity: A platform for regional scale earthquake induced landslide hazard assessment

Dr Chris Massey at GNS Science has an interesting PhD opportunity entitled: “A Platform for Regional-Scale Earthquake-induced Landslide Hazard Assessment”


7 April 2016

Five new landslide videos – two dashcam films from China, two rockfall films and a video from GNS about earthquake triggered failures

This post features 5 new landslide videos, including two dashcam videos from China, a terrifying rockfall video from Peru, a toppling failure from India & a feature on the GNS earthquake response


15 February 2016

Sumner rockfalls – videos from the M=5.7 earthquake near Christchurch yesterday

Sumner rockfalls – videos of the landslides triggered by the M=5.7 earthquake near to Christchurch in New Zealand yesterday


23 November 2015

A rather splendid rock and ice avalanche video from New Zealand

Ryan Taylor captured on video a rock and ice avalanche event on the flanks of Mount Cook in New Zealand


4 November 2015

My latest paper: hillslope preconditioning

In a new paper, we examine the distribution of landslides from two earthquakes in New Zealand to see if hillslope preconditioning – the idea that the legacy of one trigger event can influence slope behaviour ins subsequent event – occurred. The results suggest that this might have been a factor in the area affected by both earthquakes,


30 September 2015

Rockfall and landslide damage in the Port Hills from the Christchurch earthquake sequence

Demolition has started of properties damaged by landslides in the Port Hills area of Christchurch during the 2010-2011 earthquakes. This post shows some of the photographs that I took shortly afterwards.


21 July 2013

Earthquakes shake NZ capital

New Zealand is at it again–or as usual–seismically. This time a series of strong earthquakes in the Cook Strait culminated Sunday morning with a M6.5 between the South and North Islands, shaking the national capital of Wellington and exacting a fair bit of damage around the region. The shocks started with two oddly steep convergent events, a 5.3 Friday morning and a 5.8 in the wee hours Sunday morning. Each …