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10 April 2015

Sumner road drone footage and two other new landslide videos

There are three interesting new videos on Youtube, one showing rockfall damage on a orad above Sumner in New Zealand, one showing a landslide induced house collapse in India and the other showing a landslide event (and its aftermath) in Greece


18 February 2015

Landslides from the 2015 Wilberforce earthquake in New Zealand

The GNS landslide team have produced a reconnaissance report detailing the landslides triggered by the 2015 Wilberforce earthquake in New Zealand


15 February 2015

Fox Glacier – a time lapse video of slope failures as the glacier retreats

Victoria University of Wellington has compiled a fascinating time lapse video of slope movements as the Fox Glacier in New Zealand retreats in response to climate change


3 October 2014

Prehistoric rockfalls in Christchurch, New Zealand

A new paper to be published in Geology reports on the use of dating techniques to evaluate the return periods of prehistoric earthquake triggered rockfalls near Christchurch in New Zealand


4 June 2014

The sad tale of Maggie the Kakapo, the victim of a landslide

On Codfish island in New Zealand a rare Kakapo, known as Maggie, has been killed by a landslide triggered by heavy rainfall


14 April 2014

Dart River (Te Horo) landslide complex in New Zealand

The Dart River landslide in New Zealand is an unusual case of a complex landslide that has generated valley-blocking debris flows. A new GNS Science report provides the details.


17 March 2014

Mount Haast: A GNS report on the 2013 rock avalanche (which is also known as the Mount Dixon rock avalanche)

GNS Science in New Zealand have made available online a report into the January 2013 rock avalanche on Mount Haast / Mount Dixon


10 March 2014

UBC distinguished lecture powerpoint file: Earthquake-induced landslides – lessons from Taiwan, Pakistan, China and New Zealand

The powerpoint file from my UBC Geological Engineering Distinguished Lecture on Earthquake Induced Landslides


27 January 2014

Port Hills, Christchurch: demolishing the rockfall threatened houses

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority will today start the process of demolishing the houses in the Port Hills that have been affected by, or are threatened by, rockfalls


16 January 2014

Aoraki / Mount Cook: A new survey of its height after the 1991 landslide

A GNS / University of Otago expedition has just resurveyed the height of Aoraki / Mount Cook after the 1991 rock avalanche. The mountain has lost 30 m.


13 January 2014

The Dart Valley landslide in New Zealand

Over the last two weeks, a landslide in the Dart Valley of New Zealand has created a lake over 3 km long, although a major breach event is not expected


28 August 2013

A GNS Science report into the fatal landslide in June at Otuwhero Inlet in New Zealand

A GNS Science report examines the fatal landslide at Otuwhero Inlet in New Zealand. The causes of the tragedy are more complex that one might have expected


22 July 2013

Landslides and liquefaction from the Cook Straits earthquake yesterday

The Cook Strait earthquake sequence of the last three days has generated a small number of landslides and liquefaction failures


21 July 2013

Earthquakes shake NZ capital

New Zealand is at it again–or as usual–seismically. This time a series of strong earthquakes in the Cook Strait culminated Sunday morning with a M6.5 between the South and North Islands, shaking the national capital of Wellington and exacting a fair bit of damage around the region. The shocks started with two oddly steep convergent events, a 5.3 Friday morning and a 5.8 in the wee hours Sunday morning. Each …


14 March 2013

Managing landslide hazard – an example from Franz Josef in New Zealand

A recent paper (Barth 2013) has highlighted a deforming slope near to Franz Josef in New Zealand. This rather nicely highlights the difficulties of assessing the hazard in steep mountain terrain


24 February 2013

An intrepretation of the Mount Dixon rock avalanche in New Zealand using satellite imagery

This post provides an interpretation of the Mount Dixon rock avalanche using NASA EO-1 ALI imagery collected shortly after the event. It shows that the landslide went through a dramatic transition from rock avalanche to sliding


12 February 2013

The full video of the Mount Dixon rock avalanche from Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand

The full video of the rock avalanche on Mount Dixon in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park is now available. It is astounding!


29 January 2013

A round up of just a few of the recent landslide events

In the last few weeks there has been an unusual amount of landslide activity worldwide.  This is just a few of the more interesting events, there are many more that I’ll try to cover in the next few days.  Thanks to everyone who has pointed them out to e, and apologies if I have not acknowledged your contribution or covered your story yet.  Please do keep them coming! 1. The …


28 January 2013

The video of the Mount Dixon (Aoraki Mount Cook) rock avalanche in motion

. At the time of the rock avalanche on Mount Dixon in Aoraki Mount Cook in New Zealand last week it was reported that at least one of the occupants of the Plateau Hut caught the video in action.  This has proven to be the case – 3 News NZ has obtained the footage from the climber – Neil Wiltshire – and has a nice report that features it.  At …


23 January 2013

An analysis, based on Images and video, of the Mount Cook National Park landslide on Monday

An initial analysis of the Mount Dixon landslide in New Zealand on Monday