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4 March 2015

Chitral and Humla – two new valley-blocking landslides in the high mountains of South Asia?

Reports emerged yesterday of two new valley-blocking landslides in the high mountains of South Asia, one in Humla, Nepal and one in Chitral, Pakistan


2 March 2015

Gazost: an impressive landslide in the Hautes-Pyrenees

On Friday an interesting and quite mobile landslide affected the village of Gazost in the Haute-Pyrenees region of France


27 February 2015

George Monbiot and the Harbury landslide

The writer George Monbiot has linked the Harbury landslide with the removal of vegetation from the embankment that failed. This does not seem to be correct based on the images on Google Earth and from the scene


23 February 2015

Fauquier Golf Course – the evolution of a landslide

The Fauquier Golf Course landslide is picked up very clearly in two Google Earth images, one of which dates back ten years, suggesting that last week’s large slumping event has been developing over a long period.


21 February 2015

Fauquier golf course – an interesting large-scale slump

An interesting and quite large slmup has developed on the golf course of the small community of Fauquier in Britsih Columbia, Canada in recent days


19 February 2015

Paglajhora: another progressive road failure video

A video on Youtube shows a road collapse event that destroyed a truck at Paglajhora in Darjeeling. The landslide was a part of a much larger and very active slope failure that seems to have been initiated and exacerbated by poor slope management practices


18 February 2015

Landslides from the 2015 Wilberforce earthquake in New Zealand

The GNS landslide team have produced a reconnaissance report detailing the landslides triggered by the 2015 Wilberforce earthquake in New Zealand


4 February 2015

Harbury Tunnel landslide: an update from Network Rail

Yesterday Network Rail released more information, and some good images, of the Harbury Tunnel landslide in Central England. The images suggest a complex failure mechanism involving 350,000 tonnes of material


3 February 2015

Vestfold in Norway – an unusual landslide takes out a major highway bridge

Yesterday afternoon a major landslide took out a highway bridge at Vestfold in Norway. This may be a quick clay landslide, and interestingly it appears that a bulldozer was working in the field below the bridge.


2 February 2015

The Harbury tunnel and cutting landslide in Central England

A major landslide occurred in the Harbury cutting and tunnel in Warwickshire, England on Saturday, blocking an important railway line


1 February 2015

New landslide video: a spectacular retaining wall failure

A new video has been posted on Youtube showing a spectacular retaining wall failure that causes a truck to slide and bounce down a slope


29 January 2015

The Pakyong Airport landslide issue in India

In Northern India, landsliding is occurring upslope of the Pakyong airport construction site, which has used extensive slope cutting during construction


22 January 2015

The landslide on the Tsarap River in the Zanskar Valley – new images

New images have been posted on Facebook showing the landslide on the Tsarap River in Zanskar, N. India


21 January 2015

Zanskar Valley: the location of the landslide

Colin Stark at Columbia University has located the landslide in the Zanskar valley using Landsat 8 imagery


5 January 2015

Erlang village, Guizhou: a deadly rockslide in China

On Sunday a large rockslide occurred at Erlang Village in Guizhou, China, burying a major road and killing at least three people


16 December 2014

Oso: The SR 530 Landslide Commission report

The Commission set up to investigate the Oso / SR 530 landslide released its report yesterday. The recommendations include a proper hazard mapping program, the formation of a geological hazards institute and forensic investigations of this and other large landslide events in the state


15 December 2014

The Banjarnegara landslide in Central Java, Indonesia: 32 dead, 76 missing

Late of Friday night a landslide in Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia killed 32 people, with an estimated 76 people still missing.


4 December 2014

The Domkar Monastery landslide: the (non-)evolution of a failure

An archive of images of the Domkar Monastery landslide is available since 2007. They show remarkably little evidence of the development of the landslide.


3 December 2014

The Domkar Monastery landslide in Qinghai, eastern Tibet

In early November a spectacular and highly destructive rotational landslide occurred at Domkar Monastery in Tibet, destroying many buildings


12 November 2014

Mannen landslide: latest status report

The creep rate of the Mannen landslide in Norway has now declined to 2 mm per day. The risk level has been reduced from red to yellow, but the landslide still requires monitoring