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23 April 2016

Liuliao Village, China: a rockfall strikes a crowded school

In Liuliao in soouthern China a rainfall-triggered rockfall struck a primary school on Thursday , injuring more than 20 pupils and teachers.


20 April 2016

Images of other landslides from the Kumamoto earthquakes

Another set of high quality aerial images of several of the landslides triggered by the Kumamoto earthquakes in Japan, as photographed by Asia Air Survey


19 April 2016

Drone footage of the Kumamoto earthquake landslides

Drone footage and high quality images are now becoming available of the Kumamoto Earthquake landslides in Japan. In some cases the landslides appear to be remarkable.


15 April 2016

Colonnata: a large collapse in a Carrara marble quarry in Italy

Yesterday a large rockfall occurred at a quarry for Carrara Marble at Colonnata in Tuscany, Italy, killing two quarry workers and injuring a third. Carrara Marble is the stone from which Michelangelo carved his sculpture David, and it is a prized building material worldwide.


13 April 2016

Landslide damage to the Karakoram Highway

The rains in early April 2016 have caused extensive landslide damage to the Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan, causing major problems to communities upstream. Two landslides are proving to be particularly problematic, and may take another week to clear.


12 April 2016

The 29th March 2016 Renfrew County landslide near to Ottawa, Canada

On 29th March 2016 the Renfrew County landslide occurred on the banks of the Bonnechere River near to Ottawa. This is a large (10 hectare) landslip.


11 April 2016

The Tyndall Glacier landslide: images from the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Chris Larsen from the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks has released a set of aerial images of last year’s Tyndall Glacier landslide and tsunami in Taan Fjord in Alaska. This was the largest historic landslide in North America.


5 April 2016

Heavy rainfall brings extensive landsliding to Kohistan and other parts of northern Pakistan

Heavy rainfall in northern Pakistan has triggered multiple landslides and rockfalls, including a major failure in Kohistan that may have killed 38 people in addition to many landslides on the Karakoram Highway


28 March 2016

A terrifying video of two coaches trapped by “shooting rocks” in Pakistan

A terrifying video has appeared on Youtube showing two buses trapped by “shooting rocks” on the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan


22 March 2016

Multiple landslides in the last few days in northern India and Pakistan

Over the last week, heavy rainfall has triggered multiple landslides in northern India and Pakistan, causing significant loss of life and extensive damage.


20 March 2016

Chelan County: A landslide near Wenatchee triggers evacuations

Near to Wenatchee in Chelan County, Washington State a landslide has developed that is now threatening over 20 houses, ileading to evacuations.


8 March 2016

Kalimpong Day 4 part 1: An interesting and deadly roadside landslide

Kalimpong Day 4: an interesting and hard to manage rockslide that killed two people on State High 31A in India in January 2016


6 March 2016

Kalimpong Day 3: the downstream effects of poor urban water management

On Kalimpong Day 3 we visited a gully that is being actively eroded as a result of poor urban water management in the town


4 March 2016

Kalimpong Day 2: landslides on the eastern face

Kalimpong Day 2: the second day of the SHAMROCC visit involved a visit to several landslides on the eastern face of Kalimpong.


1 March 2016

Darjeeling day 1: Landslides on National Highway 10

On Day 1 of our UKIERI visit to Darjeeling in India we visited a landslide site on National Highway 10 that caused major problems in 2015


27 February 2016

Vajont – La diga del disonore: the landslide scene

The Italian film Vajont – La diga del disonore (2001) provided a dramatisation of the events of the 1963 Vajont landslide disaster in 1963. The dramatic and harrowing landslide scene is now available on Youtube


24 February 2016

Annapurna: a large rock avalanche on 23rd Feb?

News reports in Nepal today suggest that a large, dry landslide occurred yesterday in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Was this a rock avalanche?


23 February 2016

Ropoto: a town in Greece lost to a landslide

In Greece the town of Ropoto has been abandoned due to the movement of a large landslide. Damage was 1st noticed in the 1960s, but the town was lost in 2012


18 February 2016

An update on the Yaglidere Landslide, including another video

I have come across another video of the Yaglidere landslide in Turkey. Caner Zanbak has also provided very useful information about this landslide.


10 February 2016

Fude Village, China: six killed in a rockslide

Early on Monday morning six people were killed in a rockslide at Fude village in southern China.