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2 July 2015

Darjeeling: 38 killed and 23 missing in landslides

Yesterday heavy monsoon rainfall triggered at least 25 landslides in Darjeeling, northern India, killing at least 38 people.


1 July 2015

An updated landslide density map from the Nepal earthquakes from the EWF project

The EWF project has published a revised map showing landslide density for the Nepal earthquakes in April and May.


30 June 2015

Araniko Highway in Nepal: landslide problems in the monsoon

The Araniko Highway is the main route that links Nepal with Tibet. In the wake of the recent earthquake it is facing major landslide problems in the monsoon


29 June 2015

Daning River landslide: a video that is purported to show the failure event

CCTV has uploaded a video onto Youtube that reportedly shows the Daning River landslide in China last week as failure occurred


25 June 2015

Daning River: a landslide-induced tsunami accident on a tributary of the Yangtze

A landslide on the Daning River in China yesterday triggered a series of tsunami waves that sank 13 vessels, mostly fishing boats


22 June 2015

Landslide-induced sediment production after the Sabah earthquake in Malaysia

Landslides caused by the 5th June 2015 Sabah earthquake in Malaysia have released large amounts of sediment that is now causing extensive damage downstream


21 June 2015

Tbilisi, Georgia:- a landslide dam-break flood killed 19 people

Last Sunday a flash flood killed at least 19 people and destroyed the zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia. The cause appears to have been the collapse of a landslide dam on the Vere River about 20 km upstream of the city


27 May 2015

Wind River Canyon in Wyoming: US20 closed by rockslides and debris flows

On Sunday exceptional rainfall triggered a series of landslides in Wind River Canyon in Wyoming, blocking both US20 and the BNSF railway line


18 May 2015

Landslides in Nepal and the impact of the SW Monsoon

In a paper (Petley et al. 2007), we looked at spatial and temporal patterns of landslides in Nepal. The results highlight the threat posed by the SW monsoon in the earthquake affected areas


12 May 2015

Sorkjosen (Sørkjosen) in Norway – an unusual underwater landslide

Early on Sunday morning an interesting underwater landslide occurred in the town of Sorkjosen (Sørkjosen) in Norway, closing the only highway linking northern Norway with the remainder of the country


2 May 2015

Gorkha Earthquake – the slowly emerging landslide picture

Bit by bit details are emerging of losses associated with landslides in the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal. The overall picture remains very unclear though


30 April 2015

Upper Bhote Kosi: videos of the damage and rockfalls in northern Nepal

Bhuwan Sharma has posted a series of videos on his youtube channel showing rockfalls and building damage in the Upper Bhote Kosi valley in Nepal


29 April 2015

Landslides in Langtang during and after the Nepal earthquake

It is increasingly clear that landslides and avalanches have had a chilling impact in the Langtang area of Nepal during and after the Nepal earthquake


16 April 2015

Review of a paper:- The 2005 waste landslide at the Leuwigajah dumpsite in Indonesia

In a recent open access paper, Lavigne et al (2005) have investigated a catastrophic landslide at the Leuwigajah dumpsite Indonesia, which killed 143 people


15 April 2015

The Himara viaduct landslide in Sicily, Italy

A landslide last week damaged the Himara viaduct, part of the key A19 highway in Sicily. The landslide has triggered a big row over the use of funds earmarked for landslide mitigation


14 April 2015

Yeager Airport landslide: on the move again

Over the weekend the Yeager Airport landslide went through another significant movement event, driven by detachment of a block from the rear scarp and subsequent deformation of the debris pile


26 March 2015

Peru declares a state of emergency over landslides

Peru has declared a state of emergency in the aftermath of large debris flows in the Chosica region east of Lima that have left at least 8 people dead.


25 March 2015

The Abe Barek Landslide in Badakhshan, Afghanistan

In a new paper, Zhang et al. examine the May 2015 Abe Barek landslide in Afghanistan, finding that it was a loess failure on an existing landslide site


23 March 2015

Yeager Airport slope failure: deformation for two years prior to collapse

It is now clear that the Yeager Airport slope failure was preceded by two years of deformation, with some signs of an increase in rate with time


21 March 2015

Markovici: impressive drone footage of a large landslide in Montenegro

A large translational landslide at Markovici in Montenegro has destroyed an important road. A drone has been used to capture a video of the damage