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27 March 2017

A very large fatal landslide at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan yesterday

On 26th March a very large landslide occurred at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan, killing six people. Images suggest this may have been a loess landslide.


24 March 2017

The Mitchell Creek landslide in British Columbia, Canada

In a paper just published, Clayton et al. (2017) describe the Mitchell Creek landslide, a very large rockslide in Canada triggered by glacial debuttressing


21 March 2017

Longdendale: dam building in an area of ancient landslides

The Longdendale dams in the Pennines of northern England were constructed in Victorian times in an area of large, ancient landslides. Unsurprisingly, considerable problems were encountered during construction.


20 March 2017

La Pintada landslide in Mexico: a new paper that links the slide and the cultural history

In a paper just published in Landslides, Alcántara-Ayala et al. (2017) link the La Pintada landslide in Mexico to ancient rock carvings found in the area


17 March 2017

Koshe, Ethiopia: the worst garbage dump landslide in recent years

On Saturday 11th March a landslide at the Koshe garbage dump in Addis Ababa killed at least 115 people, most of them women and children


8 March 2017

Bucium Hill in Romania – an interesting landslide problem on a major road

In Romania, extensive landsliding has developed on the edge of the A1 motorway at Bucium Hill in the Transylvanian Mountains


7 March 2017

Oroville dam: multiple riverbank failures on the Feather River after the flow was abruptly stopped

The rapid drawdown of the water level in the Feather River when the Oroville Dam flow was stopped last week induced multiple riverbank failures downstream


6 March 2017

Righa in Nepal: another landslide associated with a hydropower project

At Righa in Baglung District in Nepal, a valley-blocking landslide over the weekend was apparently triggered by road construction for a hydropower project


26 February 2017

Kakanj – an enormous mine waste landslide in Bosnia last Friday

On Friday an enormous landslide occurred in mine waste from the Kakanj coal mine in Bosnia, causing the evacuation of over 150 people.


24 February 2017

Ponzano di Civitella del Tronto: a highly destructive landslide in Italy

In Italy, a landslide at Ponzano di Civitella del Tronto is moving at a rate of about one metre per day, destroying the houses of about 120 people


22 February 2017

The 170 km/h Sanxicun landslide in Sichuan Province, China

In 2013 the catastrophic Sanxicun landslide in Sichuan Province in China killed 166 people. A new paper suggests that it reached a peak velocity of 170 km/h


8 February 2017

Further movement of the Eaglepointe landslide in Utah

In the last few days further substantial movement has occurred on the Eaglepointe landslide in North Salt Lake, Utah in response to rainfall


6 February 2017

Bova Marina – an interesting retaining wall failure video

On Saturday the landslide induced collapse of a large retaining wall at Bova Marina in Italy was captured on video and posted to Youtube


2 February 2017

Demi Lovato reportedly has her house red tagged after a landslide in Hollywood

News reports suggest that after a landslide in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, a new house belonging to Demi Lovato has been red tagged


22 January 2017

Nanzhang County, Hubei: 12 killed as a hotel is crushed by a rockslope failure

On Friday night a major rockslope failure in Nanzhang County, Hubei, China crushed a hotel, killing 12 people and injuring three more.


21 January 2017

Xekaman 3 hydroelectric plant in Laos: a very major landslide in December

On 16th December 2016, a major landslide destroyed the penstock and associated infrastructure at the Xekaman 3 hydroelectric power plant site in Laos


12 January 2017

Volcan, Argentina: massive mudflows cause major disruption

In the last few days heavy rainfall has triggered a number of major landslides that have affected the towns of Volcan and Tumbaya in Argentina


11 January 2017

The 1906 Haverstraw landslide

The 1906 Haverstraw landslide This week marked the 111th anniversary of the disastrous Haverstraw landslide in Rockland County, New York, which killed 19 people.  The disaster was caused by the folly of humans, chasing wealth to be made from the excavation of glacial blue clay, ideal for brick making.  At the height of the industry there were an estimated 3,000 labourers making 350 million bricks per year in Haverstraw.  Over …


9 January 2017

Naxal, Kathmandu: a landslide apparently caused by poor construction management

At 7 am yesterday a major collapse occurred on an important road in Naxal, Kathmandu, apparently triggered by poor construction techniques for a new hotel


1 January 2017

Tumpat-Kuala Lipis: A landslide induced train derailment in Malaysia

Yesterday heavy rainfall triggered nine landslides on the Tumpat-Kuala Lipis railway line in Malaysia, one of which derailed a train