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16 December 2014

Oso: The SR 530 Landslide Commission report

The Commission set up to investigate the Oso / SR 530 landslide released its report yesterday. The recommendations include a proper hazard mapping program, the formation of a geological hazards institute and forensic investigations of this and other large landslide events in the state


15 December 2014

The Banjarnegara landslide in Central Java, Indonesia: 32 dead, 76 missing

Late of Friday night a landslide in Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia killed 32 people, with an estimated 76 people still missing.


4 December 2014

The Domkar Monastery landslide: the (non-)evolution of a failure

An archive of images of the Domkar Monastery landslide is available since 2007. They show remarkably little evidence of the development of the landslide.


3 December 2014

The Domkar Monastery landslide in Qinghai, eastern Tibet

In early November a spectacular and highly destructive rotational landslide occurred at Domkar Monastery in Tibet, destroying many buildings


12 November 2014

Mannen landslide: latest status report

The creep rate of the Mannen landslide in Norway has now declined to 2 mm per day. The risk level has been reduced from red to yellow, but the landslide still requires monitoring


31 October 2014

The Mannen rockslide: still standing

The Mannen rockslide in Norway continues to actively deform but has not, as yet, failed. There continues to be a great deal of interest in Norway in this event, putting the monitoring team under great pressure


8 October 2014

The current state of the Sunkoshi landslide in Nepal

Two German motorcyclists, undertaking a round the world tour, have posted a set of images of the current state of the Sunkoshi landslide in Nepal


24 September 2014

Sunkoshi landslide – reopening the road

Geotechnical engineer has kindly sent some images he took earlier this week when walking along the Arniko Highway past the Sunkoshi landslide. The images show the very poor condition of the highway after te recent heavy rainfall.


23 September 2014

Joshua Tree mudslide, California – a very lucky escape for a baby

A baby had a very lucky escape when a mudslide struck the town of Joshua Tree in California last week, washing him away


8 September 2014

The Sunkoshi landslide dam breach

The Sunkoshi landslide dam in Nepal breached and drained early on Sunday morning. The discharge data suggests that the breach was initiated in response to increased river flow caused by heavy rainfall.


24 August 2014

Sunkoshi landslide in Nepal – still no reduction in the lake level

The level of the lake behind the Sunkoshi landslide dam shows no signs of reducing, despite extensive efforts by the army to widen the channels


23 August 2014

Dariali Gorge: another very large landslide from the Devdoraki glacier

On 20th August another very large landslide descended from the Devdoraki Glacier in Georgia, blocking the main highway through the Dariali Gorge


21 August 2014

Hiroshima: disastrous landslides with further rainfall warnings in effect

Catastrophic landslides in Hiroshima, Japan on Wednesday have killed 39 poeple, with many more reported missing. Further heavy rainfall is forecast for the area.


12 August 2014

The Eaglepointe Landslide in Salt Lake City, Utah

A landslide in the Eaglepointe subdivision in north Salt Lake City, Utah has destroyed one house and threatens several more.


7 August 2014

[Bhote Kosi] Sunkoshi (corrected) landslide in Nepal – an update

The Bhote Kosi landslide crisis continues, with little reduction in the level of the lake despite the best efforts of the Nepal Army


6 August 2014

Yunnan earthquake: images of the valley blocking landslides

The government mapping agency in China has released satellite images of landslides triggered by the Yunnan earthquake earlier this week


5 August 2014

Valley-blocking landslides: latest from Sunkoshi and Yunnan, and a brief update on the Malin landslide in India

Unusually there are two valley-blocking landslides causing concerns at present, in Nepal & China, whilst recovery operations at Malin in India continue


4 August 2014

Sunkoshi landslide crisis: latest news and images

The Sunkoshi landslide crisis in Nepal is now into day 3. The level of the lake may be dropping but the level of hazard remains high


1 August 2014

Malin landslide in Pune: assorted news stories

The media in India is providing extensive coverage of the Malin landslide in Pune, which is now known to have killed at least 56 people


29 July 2014

Oso landslide: differences of opinion about the landslide mechanisms

Two different interpretations have now been proposed for the mechanisms of the Oso landslide, one by the GEER team and one by the USGS