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29 August 2015

A large rockfall on the Tour Ronde, Mont Blanc

On Thursday a significant rockfall occurred on the Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc region. It was captured in a dramatic video by Gianluca Marra, a local climbing guide


22 August 2015

Mount Rainier debris flows, 13th August 2015

On 13th August a series of debris flows occurred on the flanks of Mount Rainier in Washington State, USA. These glacier collapse events were captured on video, photographs & seismic instruments


21 August 2015

Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara: a highly unusual landslide (with a highly unusual video)

On 18th August a boulder smashed into the Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara in Himachal Pradesh, India, killing 7 people. There is amazing CCTV footage of the event.


14 August 2015

Mangdechu in Bhutan – another significant landslide at a hydroelectric power plant site

Today the Mangdechu Hydroelectric power in Bhutan was hit by a major landslide, killing 5 workers. This is the latest in a string of fatal landslides at HEP sites in Asia.


12 August 2015

Shanyang County, Shaanxi: another mining-related landslide disaster in China

Early on Wednesday morning a major landslide at a vanadium mine in Shanyang County in Shaanxi Province China killed about 60 people. This is the latest in a long catalogue of mining-related landslides in China. Such disasters should be avoidable with proper slope management.


3 August 2015

The Fukaminato River landslide in Japan

Even better footage has now emerged of the Fukaminato River landslide in Japan, which appears to be occurring at the site of an old quarry


31 July 2015

Nepal landslides: over 30 killed yesterday in Kaski and Myagdi

Heavy rainfall triggered landslides on Wednesday night in Central Nepal, killing at least 35 people. Worst affected were Kaski and Myagdi districts


23 July 2015

Ambunti, Papua New Guinea: an interesting riverbank landslide

On Saturday a landslide developed on a riverbank in Ambunti, Papua New Guinea, displacing 16 families. Reports that this is a sinkhole are probably incorrect


22 July 2015

Chamoli: a large and spectacular failure caught on video

News24 has posted a video of a large and dramatic landslide that occurred in Chamoli, Uttarakhand this week. The post also includes a round up of landslide events elsewhere in South and Central Asia this week.


21 July 2015

Semirara: an interesting coal mine landslide video

Last week a landslide in a coal mine on the island of Semirara killed nine miners. News reports include an interesting video of an earlier slide in the same coal mine


20 July 2015

Kalimpong: Save the Hills has documented the fatal landslides of 30th June / 1st July 2015

The Save the Hills blog has documented the landslides that occurred in the Kalimpong area of Darjeeling, N India on 3th June / 1st July 2015


13 July 2015

The 2011 Umyeonsan debris flows in South Korea

In July 2011 33 debris flows occurred in Umyeonsan in South Korea, killing 16 people. In a new paper, Jeong et al. have analysed these landslides in detail, finding that they were initiated as small surperficial landslides that became highly mobile in the river channels, eroding and incorporating large amounts of sediment to create the catastrophic flows.


9 July 2015

Mount Kinabalu: the day the mountain shook

The Straits Times in Singapore has published a detailed account of the Mount Kinabalu earthquake and rockfalls from the perspective of the school party that was struck by the debris on the mountain slopes.


6 July 2015

Lac du Chambon landslide: accelerated movement may indicate approaching failure?

In the last few hours the Lac du Chambon landslide has shown substantially increased rates of movement, possibly indicating that collapse in near


2 July 2015

Darjeeling: 38 killed and 23 missing in landslides

Yesterday heavy monsoon rainfall triggered at least 25 landslides in Darjeeling, northern India, killing at least 38 people.


1 July 2015

An updated landslide density map from the Nepal earthquakes from the EWF project

The EWF project has published a revised map showing landslide density for the Nepal earthquakes in April and May.


30 June 2015

Araniko Highway in Nepal: landslide problems in the monsoon

The Araniko Highway is the main route that links Nepal with Tibet. In the wake of the recent earthquake it is facing major landslide problems in the monsoon


29 June 2015

Daning River landslide: a video that is purported to show the failure event

CCTV has uploaded a video onto Youtube that reportedly shows the Daning River landslide in China last week as failure occurred


25 June 2015

Daning River: a landslide-induced tsunami accident on a tributary of the Yangtze

A landslide on the Daning River in China yesterday triggered a series of tsunami waves that sank 13 vessels, mostly fishing boats


22 June 2015

Landslide-induced sediment production after the Sabah earthquake in Malaysia

Landslides caused by the 5th June 2015 Sabah earthquake in Malaysia have released large amounts of sediment that is now causing extensive damage downstream