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18 May 2015

Landslides in Nepal and the impact of the SW Monsoon

In a paper (Petley et al. 2007), we looked at spatial and temporal patterns of landslides in Nepal. The results highlight the threat posed by the SW monsoon in the earthquake affected areas


10 April 2015

Sumner road drone footage and two other new landslide videos

There are three interesting new videos on Youtube, one showing rockfall damage on a orad above Sumner in New Zealand, one showing a landslide induced house collapse in India and the other showing a landslide event (and its aftermath) in Greece


9 April 2015

The continuing mystery of the Pakyong Airport slope

News reports suggest that a building has collapsed near to the Pakyong Airport site in India, raising further questions about the engineering at the site


19 February 2015

Paglajhora: another progressive road failure video

A video on Youtube shows a road collapse event that destroyed a truck at Paglajhora in Darjeeling. The landslide was a part of a much larger and very active slope failure that seems to have been initiated and exacerbated by poor slope management practices


29 January 2015

The Pakyong Airport landslide issue in India

In Northern India, landsliding is occurring upslope of the Pakyong airport construction site, which has used extensive slope cutting during construction


27 January 2015

New satellite images of the Tsarap landslide in the Zanskar Valley

Two new sets of satellite images have been released of the Tsarap landslide in the Zanskar Valley of Northern India


22 January 2015

The landslide on the Tsarap River in the Zanskar Valley – new images

New images have been posted on Facebook showing the landslide on the Tsarap River in Zanskar, N. India


21 January 2015

Zanskar Valley: the location of the landslide

Colin Stark at Columbia University has located the landslide in the Zanskar valley using Landsat 8 imagery


20 January 2015

Zanskar River landslide: more information

New images have emerged of the landslide that has blocked the Zanskar River in northern India


19 January 2015

A new valley blocking landslide in the Zanskar valley in northern India

News reports in India suggest that a valley blocking landslide occurred on 31st December in the Zanskar Valley, threatening a number of villages and causing the Chadar Ice Trek to be closed


19 September 2014

Moving to the University of East Anglia and two new landslide videos

I have now moved to the University of East Anglia at PVC (RE). To restart blogging, two new landslide videos have been posted, from India and Costa Rica


15 August 2014

Continuing landslide turmoil in Nepal

Heavy rainfall is bringing continued landslide problems in Nepal and northern India, compounding the difficulties facing the Nepal Army at the Sunkoshi site


5 August 2014

Valley-blocking landslides: latest from Sunkoshi and Yunnan, and a brief update on the Malin landslide in India

Unusually there are two valley-blocking landslides causing concerns at present, in Nepal & China, whilst recovery operations at Malin in India continue


1 August 2014

Malin landslide in Pune: assorted news stories

The media in India is providing extensive coverage of the Malin landslide in Pune, which is now known to have killed at least 56 people


20 June 2014

Monsoon 2014: late but starting to have an impact (including two good new landslide videos)

Monsoon 2014 in South Asia is late this year, but the 16 landslide deaths overnight in Nepal suggest that it is now having an impact.


29 October 2013

More photographs of the aftermath of the Kedarnath debris flow disaster

Vaibhav Kaul recently visited Kedarnath in Uttarakhand, India, the site of the debris flow disaster earlier this year. These are some of his photographs


26 October 2013

A remarkable photo of Kedarnath after the debris flow disaster

Vaibhav Kaul has taken an excellent set of photos of the aftermath of the Kedarnath debris flow disaster in India. I’ve posted the first one here, and will do a fuller post next week


13 July 2013

An interesting valley-blocking landslide (not a glacial lake problem) above Badrinath temple in Uttarakhand, India

The Indian NRSC has identified a valley-blocking landslide, and associated lake, upstream of the Badrinath Temple and town in Uttarakhand in northern India


10 July 2013

Losses from the Uttarakhand landslide disaster

At least 4000 people are now known to have died in the Uttarakhand landslide disaster; some estimates suggest that the toll may exceed 11,000


6 July 2013

Videos of Kedarnath on the day of the disaster, and in the aftermath, including a video of the disaster as it happened

A set of videos have appeared on Youtube showing the evants at Kedarnath during the disaster three weeks ago