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15 July 2015

The Judgement Cliff Rock Avalanche in Jamaica

In June 1692 the Port Royal earthquake triggered the Judgement Cliff Rock Avalanche in Jamaica, killing at least 19 people


9 July 2015

Mount Kinabalu: the day the mountain shook

The Straits Times in Singapore has published a detailed account of the Mount Kinabalu earthquake and rockfalls from the perspective of the school party that was struck by the debris on the mountain slopes.


1 July 2015

An updated landslide density map from the Nepal earthquakes from the EWF project

The EWF project has published a revised map showing landslide density for the Nepal earthquakes in April and May.


30 June 2015

Araniko Highway in Nepal: landslide problems in the monsoon

The Araniko Highway is the main route that links Nepal with Tibet. In the wake of the recent earthquake it is facing major landslide problems in the monsoon


22 June 2015

Landslide-induced sediment production after the Sabah earthquake in Malaysia

Landslides caused by the 5th June 2015 Sabah earthquake in Malaysia have released large amounts of sediment that is now causing extensive damage downstream


8 June 2015

The Mount Kinabalu rockfall on Friday

The Mount Kinabalu rockfall on Friday, induced by a M=6.0 earthquake, is now known to have killed 19 people, including school children from Singapore


5 June 2015

Malaysia earthquake: early reports of seismically-triggered landslides

Early reports suggest that the M=6.0 Malaysia earthquake this morning may have triggered landslides and rockfalls, especially on Mount Kinabalu, where five climbers are thought to have been killed.


29 May 2015

Views of strong shaking in Nepal and what they teach us

When the ground shook throughout Nepal in April, it was neither predicted nor surprising–the paradox of inevitable but chaotic large earthquakes within well known seismic zones. Though warnings of Nepal’s catasrophic earthquake risk have been sounded for years, and though this magnitude 7.8 and its energetic 7.3 aftershock wrought plenty of death, destruction, and tragedy, scientists are finding themselves somewhat surprised at the apparently rather limited degree of overall damage …


26 May 2015

Kali Gandaki: an interesting landslide dam and breach

On Sunday a landslide blocked the Kali Gandaki river in Nepal for about 15 hours before breaching to release a significant flood.


20 May 2015

The timing of the landslide season in Nepal

Using my fatal landslide database for Nepal, I’ve looked at the timing of the landslide season in recent years. The main landslide season starts in late June and runs to early October.


18 May 2015

Landslides in Nepal and the impact of the SW Monsoon

In a paper (Petley et al. 2007), we looked at spatial and temporal patterns of landslides in Nepal. The results highlight the threat posed by the SW monsoon in the earthquake affected areas


11 May 2015

Jalbire, Sindhupalchok: the best landslide video from the Nepal earthquake to date?

A new, very good video has been posted on Youtube showing landslides at Jalbire triggered by the Gorkha earthquake in Nepal


6 May 2015

It’s 2015. We respond to earthquakes from space.

The seismic waves ringing out from Nepal on April 25 reached sensors around the planet, mobilizing a vast, remote response that’s truly a sign of the times in modern seismic disaster recovery. While Kathmandu and the surrounding towns and villages stood shocked and crippled by the now-named Gorkha earthquake, satellites sweeping by overhead quickly gathered a picture of the scene, transmitting intricate detail of the disaster to the world with …


Gorkha earthquake in Nepal: a landslide map and update on the landslide hazard

The EWF team, working with the British Geological Survey, have provided an update on landslide hazard after the Gorkha earthquake, including a landslide map


2 May 2015

Gorkha Earthquake – the slowly emerging landslide picture

Bit by bit details are emerging of losses associated with landslides in the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal. The overall picture remains very unclear though


30 April 2015

Upper Bhote Kosi: videos of the damage and rockfalls in northern Nepal

Bhuwan Sharma has posted a series of videos on his youtube channel showing rockfalls and building damage in the Upper Bhote Kosi valley in Nepal


29 April 2015

Landslides in Langtang during and after the Nepal earthquake

It is increasingly clear that landslides and avalanches have had a chilling impact in the Langtang area of Nepal during and after the Nepal earthquake


Landslides in the Nepal earthquake: preliminary guidelines for relief and response activities

A team from the EWF project has compiled a set of landslide guidelines to guide recovery and relief operations in Nepal


26 April 2015

Landslides from the Nepal earthquake yesterday

Landslides are likely to have been a major impact from the Nepal Earthquake. Tom Robinson at the University of Canterbury has run an initial analysis of the likely distribution


25 April 2015

Where To Get Some Good Science on The Nepal Quake

I thought I would put together a few links to some good early science reporting on the Nepal Quake. First up is Dave Petley’s Landslide Blog here on the AGU Blogosphere. Dave has some good basic facts on the quake. The Washington Post has a good piece that quotes Geologist Roger Bilham who is an expert on quakes in this region, and he says that this was a severe quake …