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20 August 2015

Storms and Rumors of Storms

  AOL (People are still on AOL???) faced a “storm” of criticism in the weather community today for a horribly misleading headline about Tropical Storm Danny. The headline stated that the first hurricane of 2015 might strike the U.S shoreline soon. First of all, there have been a lot of hurricanes in the Pacific this year, and numerous super typhoons in the Western Pacific. It is far,far, to soon to …


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23 October 2014

Forecasters and Science Writers Knock Weather.Com For Hype

A low-end nor’easter is bringing wind and rain to much of the Northeast U.S. this evening, and Gale Warnings have been posted in the Atlantic as well. As nor’easters go, this is not really a big one, and we will see far worse over the coming months, with some of them bringing snow instead of rain.This is what I told my viewers here in Maryland/ Delaware, and so did many …


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