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5 May 2018

6.9 Quake Rattles Hawaii’s Nerves as Kilauea Rumbles.

A 6.9 quake hit the Big Island of Hawaii Friday afternoon as lava fountains erupted in a housing development near Volcanoes National park. The NPS has now closed the park and the area has been evacuated. Kilauea is a shield volcano and not like Mt. St. Helens which is a strato-volcano. While a Strato-volcano can have an explosive eruption that throws ash miles into the air, shield types volcanos tend …


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28 May 2017

How To Get Your Science Noticed? Get The Government to Try and Cover It Up!

Raul Grijalva, the ranking member of the House Committee on Natural Resources, sent a hot letter this week to the Secretary of the Interior. It was about the removal of the first line of a USGS press release last week. The press release was about a newly published paper showing a dramatic increase in coastal flooding as sea level rises, and I wrote about it last week here. Even Richard Nixon …


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10 November 2012

Before and After Superstorm Sandy- USGS Releases Amazing pics.

Sandy DID cut a new inlet on Fire Island NY. USGS image. Barrier Islands are nature’s buffer from storms. New inlets are a natural occurrence during storms and the sands are constantly shifting. Building on them is fraught with risk, but taxpayers all pay for the federal flood insurance that protects property owners there. After Sandy, I suspect there will be a much greater discussion about whether this is a …


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