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29 July 2012

Great Summer Reading- Two Brilliant Books

A couple of books to recommend that I have enjoyed immensely. One has nothing to do with science, other than the fact that Abraham Lincoln’s opinion of weather forecasters was ( and deservedly so at the time) rather low. Science First: The Magic of Reality Richard Dawkins has produced a fantastically illustrated book for young adults called the Magic of Reality. I say young adults, but I certainly enjoyed it. It’s a must read for …


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28 May 2005

That’s Zulu not Sulu! (but live long and prosper anyhow)

My wife always laughs when someone asks me the time because I will tend to give the unsuspecting questioner the response…WHERE? Time depends on where you are. (It also depends on how fast you are moving but let’s leave the relativity stuff for another blog) I’m also asked what the “Z” means on radar images and satellite images we show. The answer is GMT. Z stands for Greenwich Mean Time. …


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