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14 July 2012

Tornado/Land Spout On The Eastern Shore of Virginia Today

This was probably a water spout over land, but the thunderstorm was very intense and it may have been a regular tornado. The damage was light but there was some power outages and trees down, along with some minor structural damage. The storm formed along the sea-breeze and the local changes in wind direction likely helped to produce the rotation that was stretched vertically by the updraft, and formed the funnel. Notice that the funnel forms in the updraft part …


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23 June 2012

Tropical Trouble Brewing In The Gulf

UPDATE 4PM EDT Saturday: As I thought- Tropical Storm Debby has formed. NHC Issued tropical storm warnings for the Louisiana Coast. We may already have a tropical depression in the Gulf this afternoon, and we may have Tropical Storm Debby in a few hours. The area of thunderstorms is definitely looking more organised and a weak circulation is visible. There is no convection around the center yet, so it may …


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15 April 2012

Update: (Now 5) Dead As Midnight Twister Hits Woodward, Oklahoma

The Woodward news paper posted the video of the tornado lit by lightning as it passed into Woodward. A former firefighter who works for KWTV (in Okla. City) as a storm tracker, followed the storm into town.  His coverage was among the most riveting and chilling I’ve heard in such a situation. (Woodward is in far NW Oklahoma, and I passed through the city in January coming back from a …


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6 April 2012

There Really Is A Tornado Alley- Three Actually

Any meteorologist gets the same question over and over: Where exactly is tornado alley?? The answer (until now) has been that there is no scientifically defined alley, but that the Great Plains from Kansas to Texas is the best answer. Enter Michael Frates at the University of Akron. He decided it was high time to delineate the tornado alley’s of America and he did it based on historical data beginning …


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4 April 2012

Hot Spring Turns Stormy- Tornadoes Hit North Texas

Some video of the tornadoes that danced across North Texas today. Lots of damage but so far the injuries seem to be minor. That may change as search and rescue crews get to the hardest hit areas. Some videos from folks in Texas who witnessed the event. Some amazing video from the TWC below showing what winds over 150 mph can do.. and another from North Texas… The …


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