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30 April 2015

U.S. Seismic Network Sees Nepal Quake

A big hat tip to IRIS for this. Keep in mind that the shortest distance to Nepal from the U.S. is over the North Pole, so the seismic waves come from that direction.   From IRIS: IRIS Ground Motion Visualization for the M7.9 earthquake in Nepal April 15, 2015. The visualization shows EarthScope seismic stations picking up the seismic waves generated from the earthquake. Red stations mean the station is …


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25 April 2015

Where To Get Some Good Science on The Nepal Quake

I thought I would put together a few links to some good early science reporting on the Nepal Quake. First up is Dave Petley’s Landslide Blog here on the AGU Blogosphere. Dave has some good basic facts on the quake. The Washington Post has a good piece that quotes Geologist Roger Bilham who is an expert on quakes in this region, and he says that this was a severe quake …


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23 October 2012

Italy Still Hasn’t Learned

Italy has a history of locking up scientists that say things they don’t like. Just ask Galileo. I wonder if they realize the incalculable damage they have done to their country today. They did it by convicting six scientists whose research on the risk of earthquakes they completely misunderstood. The first thing any college level science student should learn is that any measurement  observation or forecast is MEANINGLESS unless it is also accompanied with a measure of the uncertainty. …


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11 April 2012

USGS Scientists: Dramatic Increase in Oklahoma Earthquakes Is Man-Made (Updated)

  NPR covered this story today April 11 and you can listen here. I was “face timing” with my daughter in Oklahoma City last November when the biggest quake on record struck the Sooner state. I could see the lights swinging at our home in Oklahoma City as she ran down the stairs, and it was the first time I watched a quake happen live on an iPhone! The quake …


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