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10 May 2016

How to Survive A Tornado

I have said it to countless people over the last 36 years: Put as many walls between you and the outside as possible if a tornado is approaching, and if there is a bathroom in the middle of the house, that’s the place to go. The photo above was taken by one of the storm survey teams from the NWS in Norman,OK today and the young man in the picture …


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21 May 2013

Amazing View of the Moore Tornado from The Storm Cellar Door

You can see the multiple suction vortices in the tornado. I think this video may have some very high scientific value.


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The Oklahoma Tornado: Some Facts and Pictures

First of all, this tornado was not the biggest and strongest tornado ever recorded on Earth, as one Oklahoma City weather-caster said. We don’t know the wind speeds yet, and until then it cannot be given an EF Scale rating. I’ve seen some things (on the video of the damage) that make it clear that this was very likely an EF 4, and I’ve seen one thing that makes me …


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20 May 2013

At Least 37 Dead in Catastrophic Tornado In Oklahoma City Metro (Update 1)

Devastation in Moore (Suburb of OKC). This tornado was 14 years to the month after the May 3, 1999 EF 5. It passed very nearly over the same area. Below is from NWS Norman: Below is the radar image showing  a large “Debris Ball” being picked up by the radar. Indications from radar is that this may have been an EF 5 and devastation looks as bad as May 99. …


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