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22 June 2015

Severe Geomagnetic Storm Underway

Update 7:25 PM US EDT: Scott Kelly on the ISS is seeing what he calls the best display he has ever seen from orbit of the aurora: The Kp index is currently at 8 and if that holds, we could see the Northern Lights over the northern half of the U.S. tonight. Europe should be seeing them now, but because we are at the solstice the light lingers at high …


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12 July 2012

X-Class Solar Flare Today Was Facing Earth. Major Geomagnetic Storm Possible

Late word from NASA this evening is that the X 1.4 solar flare today IS headed in our direction, and may produce a moderate to severe geomagnetic storm on Saturday when it arrives. It may produce auroras Saturday down to a latitude of 35 degrees! There is also a significant risk for geostationary satellites and cross polar flights will likely be impacted as well due to HF radio blackouts and some minor radiation risk. The flare produced a notable CME that will take …


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