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5 July 2016

Wise Words from Richard Feynman About Juno and Jupiter

JUNO is in orbit around Jupiter, and one of NASA’s most difficult missions is so far a success. I ran across this quote while reading Feynman’s Lectures on Physics tonight, and it is so appropriate. Dedicated to the folks at JPL, and all who worked and will study the data, from JUNO. “The stars are made of the same atoms as the earth.” I usually pick one small topic like …


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13 November 2013

The Most Amazing Space Picture Of The Year

I know others have blogged this today, but for those that missed it… and an annotated version- WOW!    


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16 August 2013

Is Voyager 1 In Interstellar Space?? The Debate Heats Up

NASA Voyager Statement about Competing Models to Explain Recent Spacecraft Data Aug. 15, 2013 A newly published paper argues that NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft has already entered interstellar space. The model described in the paper is new and different from other models used so far to explain the data the spacecraft has been sending back from more than 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) away from our sun. NASA’s Voyager …


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