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24 November 2014

The Governor of New York Owes an Apology to a Bunch of Meteorologists

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, really stepped in it on Saturday. He’s now getting a firestorm of criticism, and he deserves every bit of it, but I want you to understand why before I go into what he said. There is an old rule among weather forecasters, and it goes like this- “Never forecast a record, you will probably be wrong!”. Now I, and many others, have broken …


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23 January 2013

Lake Effect Snow Machine Running in High Gear

SNOWFALL FROM NWS The coldest air in two years has moved into the Northeast and Midwest and with the Great Lakes still not frozen, the heavy snows are really falling in the snow belts. Here in Maryland today we did not reach freezing all day, and will not again tomorrow either.


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