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14 September 2017

It’s Time for a 21st Century Hurricane Scale

Most folks are familiar with the Saffir Simpson hurricane scale and while it’s very useful, it also has some drawbacks. It’s greatest attribute is that the public understands it, but I’m not alone among meteorologists who think the time has come to replace it. We need a new scale that will better indicate the destructive potential of a tropical cyclone, and there are some good candidates out there. The main …


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11 September 2017

The Green Is Gone in the BVI

NASA released some images from the Landsat 8 satellite today showing the before and after of Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands. What a stunning difference; There are no green leaves left… And now, after Irma’s 160 mph winds. You can see MUCH more by clicking the images and getting the full-size image.


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