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7 July 2016

Nepartak Rapid Scan Loop

Can you spot the gravity waves in this stunning loop of Nepartak from the Himawari 8 Satellite? Click the image to load the loop from Today (Thursday). Transverse cirrus bands are also visible in the image above, and these are indicative of severe turbulence. More on that from the CIMMS Satellite Blog. James Reynolds has video and images of the storm here.  


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22 April 2016

You Can Thank These Three People for Earth Day

I remember very well watching the CBS Evening News (46 years ago today) on the first Earth Day. It was a major story, and I believe Walter Cronkite led the broadcast with it. We know a lot more about our planet now than we did then, and there have been some amazing successes in protecting our environment. We now know something that was not well understood then, and that is the …


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13 August 2015

Tianjin Explosion Seen By Himawari and Other Weather Satellites

The folks over at CIMMS posted a cool animated GIF of the explosion in China as seen by the geostationary weather satellites. The new Himawari can scan very rapidly and has the highest resolution of any stationary weather satellite. You can even see the smoke debris cloud move away from the explosion. The black pixels are showing extreme heat in this thermal IR image. CIMMS has views from other wavelengths …


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