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4 December 2012

New Science On Sea Level Rise Indicates Greenland And Antarctic Ice Melt Increasing.

Superstorm Sandy was a devastating tragedy, but if something like that could have a silver lining then the new public awareness of sea level rise is perhaps it. Just weeks after Sandy, comes a major paper in Science. The paper is the result of a collaboration by the top experts studying the mass balance of polar glaciers. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Science and read Richard Kerr’s …


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26 July 2012

Greenland Melt Was Predicted In Advance By Paper Awaiting Publication

The image above is based on data from the Indian Oceansat-2 satellite and shows that on 12 July 2012 virtually all of the Greenland ice sheet surface was melting. The highest point on the ice sheet, Summit at 3,200 meters saw temperatures at 36 degrees! The melt areas can be detected by the albedo of the ice sheet and this can be confirmed by a network of automated surface stations …


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11 December 2010

Why It’s Raining in Greenland & Eastern North America Is Going Into A Deep Freeze

If you live anywhere from the Mississippi Valley to the East Coast in America, you are about to get cold. Real cold. A major Arctic blast is on it’s way south. The leading edge of the cold air (The Arctic front) will reach South Florida by Sunday night. There will be tons of lake effect snow, and flurries as far south as Birmingham and Atlanta. In the meantime, way up north …


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