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19 April 2015

Welcome To Oklahoma, The State of Denial

  Just as I started putting together this post tonight, I had an instant message from my daughter in Oklahoma City. It said one word  “EARTHQUAKE”. This has become the standard practice, where she messages me, and I let her know within a few minutes where the quake was, and what the magnitude was. We have our own intensity scale that ranges from “I barely felt it” to “It felt …


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17 September 2014

Shake, Rattle and Frack

A new study was published today in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, by three USGS scientists, and it’s the latest in a growing number of scientific studies that show that deep injection of waste water during fracking is causing earthquakes. It seems pretty likely that a quake will do damage in a fracking zone soon, and all this science will be moved into a courtroom. The graph …


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11 April 2012

USGS Scientists: Dramatic Increase in Oklahoma Earthquakes Is Man-Made (Updated)

  NPR covered this story today April 11 and you can listen here. I was “face timing” with my daughter in Oklahoma City last November when the biggest quake on record struck the Sooner state. I could see the lights swinging at our home in Oklahoma City as she ran down the stairs, and it was the first time I watched a quake happen live on an iPhone! The quake …


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