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11 December 2015

The Candle of Knowledge Flickers This Dark December

The Japanese have launched a spacecraft called Hyabusa 2 to look at an asteroid, and as it passed Earth this week (to get a speed boost), it grabbed this shot of the Earth and Moon in one frame. Take some time and look at that picture, and consider that the highest we go now is about a millimeter above the Earth in that image. We used to all the way …


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23 October 2012

Italy Still Hasn’t Learned

Italy has a history of locking up scientists that say things they don’t like. Just ask Galileo. I wonder if they realize the incalculable damage they have done to their country today. They did it by convicting six scientists whose research on the risk of earthquakes they completely misunderstood. The first thing any college level science student should learn is that any measurement  observation or forecast is MEANINGLESS unless it is also accompanied with a measure of the uncertainty. …


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