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9 February 2021

Science Illiteracy and Poor Critical Thinking Skills Really Can be Deadly

I’ve written many times over the years about science illiteracy and the need to teach critical thinking skills to students. Is there any doubt that the last 14 months has emphasised it like nothing else could? Thousands have died because they thought the world’s medical experts were wrong about social distancing/face masks. The politicians who agreed with them and refused to urge their constituents to follow the basic rules during …


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11 October 2015

Learn This, and Become Immune from Cults and Conspiracy Theories

So, in just one (two-part) blog post, I propose to keep you from falling into a crazy cult, or posting one of those crazy videos on YouTube about chemtrails, or the Moon landing hoax. Beware though, if you think what I’m saying is silly, then you’re at high risk already.  It’s more than just the politicians in Alaska, who tell people with a straight face, that climate change is a …


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29 March 2014

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistical Truth

There has been a lot of attention recently around “538 Blog” founder Nate Silver and his hire of Political Scientist Roger Pielke Jr. to write about climate change on his new gig. Pielke is the darling of the anti-science crowd, and his often called to testify at science hearings on Capitol Hill by those who think climate change is a hoax ( It’s hard to find any real climate experts …


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