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3 August 2014

You Don’t Have To Be A Meteorologist To Appreciate Clouds

Broadcast meteorologists frequently get calls from people when there is a solar halo or sun dog in the sky, and I have to tell you we are always shocked when people tell us that they “have never seen that before!” I cannot imagine how someone can live 40 or 50 years, and never have noticed such basic atmospheric optics. I can shock you even more, because it’s not uncommon to …


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6 April 2014

Wave Clouds, Contrails, and Sahara Dust

What causes this? Very good website about it here: It was a bit chilly with an onshore sea-breeze, but sparkling early spring sunshine in spite of it being 10° C. I got a decent pic of the Ocean City pier that was damaged by a February nor’easter. Also notice the Jet contrails over the Eastern Mediterranean today. This image from the NASA Terra satellite about 600km up. Dust blowing off …


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15 May 2013

Circumscribed Halo over Ocean City In Maryland On Tuesday

Correction: Hat tip to Daniel Linek who spotted my mistake. This is a CIRCUMSCRIBED Halo. Not a Circumzenithal Arc . See here: The title to this post has also been corrected. You can read more about this on the great Atmospheric Optics site: I saw one in Greenland (and at the South Pole for a few seconds). The bottom band I believe is a circumhorizon arc.


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