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23 March 2017

Sea Ice and China Smog

Even Antarctica saw record low ice area during their summer (boreal winter), but there’s new research that seems to show a link between the Arctic ice loss and increased air pollution in China. With dark, heat-absorbing water now replacing what was once bright and very reflective ice, the energy balance of the atmosphere has to change, and that change translates to changing weather patterns. There is quite a bit of research into this now, …


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2 April 2014

West Virginia Company Accused Of Selling Technology To China To Hide Facilities From Spy Satellites

NOTE: I wrote this just after 8 PM on the first not the second. That’s APRIL FIRST..hint! (The date tag uses GMT so it showed as April 2nd) The State Dept. accused Bubba Brothers Coal Company in Mudville, WV today of selling technology to China to hide its cities and military installations from spy satellites. The view (from NASA Satellites) above shows how effective it has been, and shows evidence …


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22 October 2013

Hey China, How’s That Clean Coal Working Out For You!

It’s much worse on the ground of course. Check out this report from the BBC: I guess this Christmas might not be a good time to bring back the clean coal carolers. Also see this post. Something to remember the next time you see those slick adverts from the coal council on your fave cable news outlet… Here is another 500 meter resolution shot from Terra Sat.


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