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19 October 2014

New Brian Cox Series Human Universe on BBC Two is Excellent. Will it air in America?

I was in the UK on holiday last week, and caught two episodes of Professor Brian Cox’s new series Human Universe on BBC Two. Once again, Cox was superb, and the BBC have shown that no one on the planet can match them in science programming. Hopefully BBC will air it on BBC America or perhaps they will sell it to PBS. Then again there are probably tons of illegal …


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16 October 2014

The Ebola Outbreak Is Proof That We Humans Are Terrible at Evaluating Risk

There are at least 5,000 dead of Ebola in Africa and it is a real human tragedy no doubt, but when I turned on CNN Tuesday to get the latest on what is happening there, I ended up watching nearly two hours of news about two patients who have contracted the disease in America. They are still alive, and hopefully with good care will beat the disease, but I must …


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