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14 March 2020

What It’s Like to Nearly Die from Covid-19

There’s a very fascinating video below, but I want to give a pat on the back to the many science communicators in all fields who like me have tried to give good reliable science-based info on social media over the past two weeks. Particularly, Dr. Marshall Shepherd, past President of the AMS, who has done much to explain how to look critically at the information out there. Many people have …


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4 March 2020

The Internet Can Be A Source of Good Info on Covid-19. Like This!

It seems to me that everyone on social media with a science background should take the time to stop rumors and pass on good science info. Everyone with a science background should have the skills to identify fact-based information. I have been using my social media platforms to do this and I see others in atmospheric science doing the same. A special hat tip to Dr. Marshall Shepherd past President …


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