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27 January 2020

Should We Continue To Show Weather Radar To The Public on TV/Online?

I bet that headline got your attention, didn’t it? Before we go on, I’ll state up front that I think the answer is yes, but there is actually a decent argument to be made otherwise. When a cub TV reporter walked into the Weather Bureau office in Galveston, Texas on a muggy summer day in 1961, he saw something that few people had ever seen, a live weather radar image …


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14 January 2020

American Meteorological Society Celebrates 100 Years At Annual Meeting in Boston

Who could have imagined a century ago that the American Meteorological Society would celebrate its 100th-anniversary under high security with bomb-sniffing dogs in an era where the planet’s changing climate was a worldwide threat. Such is the case here on Boston but that aside, it is an amazing event with perhaps more atmospheric scientists together in one place at the same time ever. This meeting is actually many conferences all …


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1 January 2020

Oz is Burning Like Never Before; Smoke Extends 3000 km Across New Zealand!

  The deadly bushfires in Australia have now crossed into the new year and the smoke from the fires has crossed over 1700 km to New Zealand. These fires are now the worst on record and also the deadliest. Look at the image below from the Tasman Glacier on the South Island in New Zealand. The sky is thick with smoke and there are many reports that you can even …


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