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18 December 2019

Do the Farmers In Kansas Know They Are Paying the Flood Insurance Premiums on Million Dollar Beach Houses?

They are. Not all of the premium, but a good portion of it and not only that, they are helping to rebuild the house and in many cases have paid to rebuild it more than once when the ocean/river swamped it again. It’s called the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and as sea levels rise and hurricanes get wetter, it has gotten some much-needed attention. Still, unless you buy a …


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12 December 2019

NWS Makes Needed Changes to Flash Flood Warnings

What is the number one weather killer in the United States? Did you say tornadoes or hurricanes? If so, you are wrong, but don’t feel bad because everyone misses this question. What IS the main weather killer? In most years it is heat but close behind is floods and particularly flash floods. It seems that nearly every year brings a flood event with great damage and several fatalities. Then there’s …


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