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23 December 2018

Guy Walton Proves You can Teach Climate Change to 4th Graders In A Whole Different Way!

Meteorologists start out with a fascination of weather like snowstorms and tornadoes and hurricanes, but by the time you finish a degree in atmospheric science you end up falling in love with the physics behind it all! We still love all the other weather but I still remember my fascination as I learned the physics and how we can  predict the travels and the temperature and velocity of a blob …


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21 December 2018

History’s Most Famous and World Changing Picture Was Taken 50 Years Ago Monday.

The “Earth Rise” image, taken as Apollo 8 entered orbit around the Moon, is considered to be the one image that changed the way we see our planet. Before that photo, all but a few looked at the wilderness and nature in general as something to be tamed, but the stunning photo of Earth rising above the desolation of the Moon changed that. It’s hard to overstate the impact of …


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12 December 2018

NOAA’s Says The Polar Freezer is In Defrost Mode

NOAA’s Arctic Report Card came out today but with all the news (that’s barely fit to print) these days, it was easy to miss. Here’s a summary of the major points and an excellent video from NOAA that summarises it. Too bad I’ve not seen it linked on any major news sites. You can read the whole report here. Report Card Highlights from NOAA Surface air temperatures in the Arctic continued to …


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4 December 2018

Why Those Snow Forecasts Online are Likely Wrong

I go weak in the knees when I see a science info-graphic that explains something really well in one picture. The image above from the NWS Kansas City is a really good one about long-range weather forecasts. Many forecasters in the Mid-Atlantic region and the Midwest are dealing with a possible winter storm beginning this weekend. We cannot say much more than that right now,  and it’s tough to explain to the public …


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