22 June 2018

#Mets Unite to Share An Image Worth a Thousand Words

Posted by Dan Satterfield

This simple image shows the warming of the planet from the 1850’s through today.


When Climate Scientist Ed Hawkins in the UK shared one of is unique images a few weeks back, it got a lot of attention from my fellow meteorologists. It’s a simple image based on real science, the data it is based on has been independently confirmed by multiple groups of scientists. I’m talking groups like NASA, NOAA, and researchers at the Uni. California at Berkeley in addition to the Hadley Centre in the UK.  

Instead of sharing it right away, Meteorologist Jeff Bernadelli in Florida had the idea to put it on a tie. others then made it into a pin,  cufflinks, and even a coffee cup! Jeff then suggested that we meteorologists all share it on the same day, and the solstice on 21 June seemed to be the best idea. Today was the day, and the image has indeed been shared on air and online around the world today.

Below are some of the twitter posts from my fellow meteorologists around the world. You may notice some familiar faces from your area.

Maureen McCann is AMS Commissioner of Professional Affairs and she has the image on a pendant.


Gary always looks snazzy! He got the tie.


New York folks, you know who this is!


Past AMS President of the Society Dr Marshall Shepherd will be familiar to all you WX GEEKS out there!


I got the pin.

At the CBC!


Jason Samenow at Capital Weather Gang joined in from the historic newsroom of the Washington Post!

One simple message:
The Earth is warming, it’s real, and we need to come to grips with it.