11 June 2018

Ridiculously Wet Weather Across the Eastern U.S. Is Not Really A Surprise

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The entire Mid-Atlantic has had a very wet last 30 days. Look at the map below and note that some areas of had 400% of normal rainfall in the last month!

Click image for a much larger version.

Now look at the Southeast U.S. and Florida:

We’ve seen some incredible downpours in the last 30 days from Ellicott City and Ocean City here in Maryland to Philadelphia last night! This is already causing alarm for farmers as soggy fields refuse to dry out as we go into prime growing season, and the science says this may just be the beginning of many more years like this, or worse. Look at the data below and note how these extreme rain events are increasing. this is not really a surprise since as the air warms it can hold more water vapor and this is just one of many predicted changes in our climate that are being seen now.

The physics says a degree rise in temp. will lead to an increase of up to 7% in atmospheric water vapor, but new research by Kevin Trenberth at NCAR shows that is even higher, up to 30% because that extra water vapor makes storms stronger and larger.