8 February 2017

Support for A Clean Energy Economy is Higher Than You Might Think

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Ed Maibach and his group at George Mason University are out with another report about how American’s feel about climate change and clean energy. Prepare to be surprised by the level of support in this survey, which targeted strongly conservative voters. I talk often to groups about climate change and science and find these surveys indispensable in knowing my audience.

Ed, John Cook*, and I are planning a joint talk at the American Meteorological Society’s summer conference for broadcast meteorologists. The working title is “Communicating Science in a Polarised America. There looks to be a lot of common ground out there to me. Only about 9% of the public thinks climate change is a hoax/not happening, so maybe the hard work of many science communicators is having an impact!

The entire report is well worth a read.

*John Cook developed the excellent skepticalscience.com website, which likely has something to do with how few people totally dismiss the overwhelming data.