22 December 2016

The United States of Warming

Posted by Dan Satterfield

That’s what the folks at Climate Central called this animated GIF. Look how warm 2016 has been across the U.S.:

Globally there is no doubt that 2016 will become the new hottest year on record globally, and look at the animation from NASA of the Arctic sea ice vanishing before our eyes. The High Arctic is extremely warm today, and I’m seeing some model output showing temps. may approach an astonishing 50 degrees F above normal this week.

Today’s temperature anomalies from the Univ. of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer shows the incredible warmth across the High Arctic today.


Look at the forecast surface temps. tomorrow near the Pole. This really is astonishing; no other word for it.


The NOAA GFS model forecasting temps of 45º above normal Thursday over the North Pole region.

..and globally:


Courtesy Climate Central