23 February 2016

Stunning One Minute Rapid-Scan GOES 14 Images

Posted by Dan Satterfield


This is the current image from the GOES-14 satellite that is in storage. It is turned on for high impact weather events because it can send one minute images. The tornado outbreak expected on the Gulf Coast today certainly ranks as a high impact event, and we should have this data through the evening. When GOES R launches we will see  even higher resolution images at 30 second intervals along with lighting data!



To see a loop of the once per minute images coming from the GOES-14 this afternoon, check out this link from the University of Wisconsin.  Another link is here courtesy CIRA at Colorado State.This will give you a glimpse of the future that will arrive with GOES R. It looks quite possible that there will be a deadly tornado or two in Alabama, and/or along the Florida Gulf Coast, near Pensacola later this evening, or overnight. This storm system will bring strong winds to much of the Eastern U.S. over the next two days, as an intense low tracks into the Midwest.