26 August 2015

Four Physics Videos Everyone Should Watch

Posted by Dan Satterfield


I really love the fact that physicists are sharing physics so widely online. There are some fabulous videos that will blow your mind, and teachers, you really consider spending some time in class watching them. So, with that in mind, here are some of my fave videos. Being a geek, I even knew the one about tides, but I can tell you that many meteorologists do not! I still remember my professor spending the time to show us what is really happening!

First up is PBS Digital and Gabe who has done some fab videos on relativity, and relativity blows everyone’s mind:

Think you know how the tides work. No, you don’t.

The following videos are certain to send the school board into a spastic screaming frenzy in most of fly-over America, so teachers you might want to put these in the off-limits section of the Hogwarts library. Unless you’re retiring, then why not go out with a “big bang”! Teachers in Canada and Europe, your students probably have already watched and shared these videos, but you might check just in case.

First up Veratasium (I love you dude!)

Dr. Lawrence Krauss has a book that is a must read called A Universe from Nothing, and you really should read it, but he gives a short version in this lecture below. It’s a fantastic update on the latest thinking in cosmology.