1 June 2015

Something to Show your Neighbor Who Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax

Posted by Dan Satterfield


My photo from a C-17 over Antarctica in 2010.

One of the most common claims (by those who got their education about atmospheric physics staring at a computer screen in the basement) is that the increase in Antarctic Sea ice proves the planet is not warming. This myth is surprisingly widespread and persistent, and frequently gets mentioned on national news outlets that cater to people with a particular world view. Peter Sinclair, and the folks at the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media, have put together a very good 7 minute video with the truth of the matter.

It’s well worth a view, but if you understand anything about confirmation bias/authoritarianism, you likely know that this will not change their mind. It’s value is in keeping it from influencing others with pseudo-science. (Hat tip to my friend Bud Ward and the folks at the Yale Forum for this!)