12 February 2015

The Best Tip for Keeping Warm In A Deep Freeze

Posted by Dan Satterfield

IMG_6734With the coldest air in sometime arriving tonight over the Northeast U.S. and lingering through much of the next 7 days, I thought I might pass on my best tip for keeping warm in really cold weather. Yes, you already know to dress in layers, but many times when doing this, people make themselves even colder by wearing tight-fitting clothes. So, here is the most important tip to keep warm: wear loose fitting layers!

This means a good thick pair of socks in your biggest roomiest shoes, and your biggest coats. Mittens instead of gloves of course, and always have a scarf loosely wrapped around you neck. A hat is a given, but make it loose as well, and make sure it covers your ears. All in one zip ups are also really good ( A picture of me wearing one on an ice flow in the High Arctic is on the left!).

In short keep it loose, and you will stay a lot warmer!