13 January 2015

Hanging With Smart People at AGU

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Geoph Haines-Stiles with Carl Sagan during the making of COSMOS. Image ctsy AGU and Geoph Haines-Stiles.

Geoph Haines-Stiles with Carl Sagan during the making of COSMOS. Image ctsy. AGU and Geoph Haines-Stiles.

The AGU meeting every December in San Francisco is truly an amazing experience, and while I only was able to be there for two days, it was well worth flying across the entire continent and back in 48 hours.

Here are some sights and sounds from the AGU that I and others made. Up first is meeting Geoph Haines-Stiles one of the senior producers of the original COSMOS with Carl Sagan. You can read more from Geoph in a guest post he wrote for the AGU in June 2014 here.

I also met Brianne Smith of Princeton whose poster on flash flooding caught my eye!

Two more videos to show you, one posted on Peter Sinclair’s blog Climate Crocks which is an interview with Dr. Richard Muller. For a short while Dr. Muller was the darling of the climate denier crowd because he expressed doubts about the global temperature record. He decided to do his own reconstruction, and honestly, I never had a doubt how it would come out. Let’s just say he is now persona non grata in those circles. The video is courtesy Collin Maesen of the blog Real Skeptic.

The Stephen Schneider Lecture at AGU was given by Dr. Gavin Schmidt the Deputy Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and also the known as a writer and co-founder of Real Climate. He was introduced by an acquaintance Dr. Don Wuebbles, himself a renowned climate expert.