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3 December 2014

2014 Poised To Take Title as Hottest Year On Record

It is almost certain now that 2014 will be among the hottest years on record globally. The NASA (and NOAA), numbers are showing that it will likely be the absolute hottest, but it does depend on December temperatures. It would have to be an unusually cool December globally for a record to not be reached, and that is very unlikely based on how how warm the oceans are right now. …


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I Could Have told The NWS in Indiana That Posting that Was a BIG Mistake

  Any broadcast meteorologist would know that posting this would set off the chemtrail loonies, and indeed it did. I suspect the NWS forecasters knew what they were getting into , but should we let a bunch of silly conspiracy believers keep us from posting something interesting about science? No, of course not, but it does scare me that these folks get to vote. For my fellow mets- get the …


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