3 August 2014

You Don’t Have To Be A Meteorologist To Appreciate Clouds

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Solar halo over an automated weather station on the northern Greenland Icecap. Dan's picture. (rights reserved.)

Solar halo over an automated weather station (on northern Greenland Icecap). Dan’s picture. (rights reserved.)

Broadcast meteorologists frequently get calls from people when there is a solar halo or sun dog in the sky, and I have to tell you we are always shocked when people tell us that they “have never seen that before!” I cannot imagine how someone can live 40 or 50 years, and never have noticed such basic atmospheric optics. I can shock you even more, because it’s not uncommon to get a panic Facebook message from viewers who spot the Moon in the daytime sky…for the first time in their lives! You probably think I am joking with that last one, but I assure you that at least half of my fellow broadcast mets will tell you they too have had that question, and sometimes from folks who are over 60!

I’ve written about the Cloud Appreciation Society before here but the founder recently was invited to make a TED talk: