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9 September 2013

Are Hurricane Season Forecasts Ready For Prime Time??

Weather and climate forecasts have value because decisions and plans can be made that save money, and (more importantly) lives. This is why so much research is underway into making an accurate prediction of what the rate of sea level rise will be in the coming decades, and how precipitation patterns will change as the planet gets warmer (from increasing greenhouse gases). Shorter predictions for a few months ahead can …


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4 September 2013

If You Find One of These- Please Return It!

The NWS is phasing in a new type of radiosonde that comes equipped with it’s own postage paid envelope to make returning it for reconditioning easy. Note the sticker that says HARMLESS WEATHER INSTRUMENT (Just wait until the chem-trail folks see that!). More from NWS Little Rock: New radiosonde! Today, the first test flight of a new radiosonde (instrument that goes up beneath a weather balloon) occurred at the NWS …


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2 September 2013

Tornado Strikes Tokyo Suburbs

CBS has more on it here. It was a very warm day in Tokyo with a dewpoint of 25C! It could have been a land-spout, but a look at the upper air maps makes me think that this was most likely a real “Great Plains” like tornado. Plenty of wind shear and instability.  


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1 September 2013

These Three Facts Will Make You Think Like A Scientist

Critical thinking is harder than you think. Our minds are actually predisposed against it, but learning to reason is a necessity if you want to make good decisions. Failing to learn the basic skills of critical thought can be expensive, or even lead to making youtube videos like the ones I am interspersing through this blog post! Here are three things that IMHO will make you a better critical thinker. …


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