28 September 2013

Some Background Reading To Better Understand The 5th IPCC Report

Posted by Dan Satterfield

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The Yale Forum here points to several of its postings written to improve understanding of the wealth of climate data that will begin to emerge later this week from the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report.


With the initial release of the first volume of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report scheduled for 10 a.m. EDT on Friday, September 27, The Yale Forum points to several of its recent published features specifically intended to improve understanding of the coming reports.

Along with Michael Svoboda’s feature, “The Numbers Game: Communicating Climate Change by the Numbers,” posted today, on how best to evaluate numeracy and the flood of numbers associated with climate change, the specific features brought again to readers’ attention are:

– Zeke Hausfather’s March 2013 feature on “Making Sense of Sensitivity…and Keeping it in Context” addresses the important climate sensitivity issue.

– Bruce Lieberman’s September 2013 feature on “The Social Cost of Carbon: A Continuing Little-Told Story” addresses Obama administration ongoing efforts to place a dollar value on the adverse impacts of carbon dioxide emissions.

– Zeke Hausfather’s September 10 feature on “Examining the Recent Slow-Down in Global Warming” delves into likely arguments involving the impact of what some skeptics refer to as a 16-year “pause” or “hiatus” in warming of Earth’s climate.

– David Appell’s May 2013 feature on “W[h]ither Global Warming: Has It Slowed Down?” also addresses the same issue discussed in the September 10 Hausfather feature.

Boning up to improve communications on and understanding of the upcoming IPCC AR5 reports and the pro-and-con dialog they likely will prompt: These four earlier posts, along with the Svoboda feature on climate numbers and numeracy posted today, should give readers something of a “Cliff Notes” collection of background reading as they begin delving in-depth into the coming IPCC reports.