27 July 2013

Some Thought Provoking Science Videos

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I thought I’d share some cool science videos for your weekend amusement. The first is from It’s OK to Be Smart. If you’ve never done your own scale model of the solar system, it’s well worth a visit to the park or beach. A must project with your kids of course!

..and 50 Science Misconceptions. How many did you NOT know?? I knew all but one.
I admit that I thought there probably WAS a chemical you could put in pools that would identify those who are too lazy…..well you know..

Now some audio.

If you’re a science nerd, then you likely listen to Science Friday on NPR. I did today, and they had a special guest. A BIG sports star who has avoided the media all week after his latest giant conquest. Phil Mickelson did a wonderful thing for science education today by telling the folks at Science Friday how much he loved the program, and then explaining why science helped him to become a legendary golfer. He also became the fave golfer of science geeks everywhere as well!

Listen here!

Neil de Grasse Tyson’s STAR TALK is fantastic and my fave part is the lightning round. Here is a sample. MUST listen.

…and lastly a video entitled Why Evolution is True, and Many People Don’t Believe It By Jerry Coyne.  The book is excellent ,and having lived (and taught a course on environmental science) in the South, I can agree with the grade of F for the south. When it comes to things like this, and climate change, there is a core group of people who cannot be convinced by any evidence, so I put this on here for those who are not in that category.
It’s all about education.

One thing I’ve noticed that young people today, the so-called “millennials”, are far more accepting of science than earlier generations.

Scientific truth is winning out in Biology, Cosmology and climate physics too.

“Science is what we do to keep from lying to ourselves” Richard Feynman.