27 June 2013

Could You Have Done This While In High School??

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Plymouth, MA high school student Matthew Cappucci.

I’m at the 41st Conference on Broadcast Meteorology here in Nashville,TN this week. It started Tuesday with a fantastic short course on climate change (which I will write much more about later), and today was also superb.

The highlight for me today was a talk by Matthew Cappucci entitled Gust Front Related Waterspouts. Matt is not a meteorologist who has been working on front of a camera for many years (like most of the attendees here). He is a high school student from Plymouth, Massachusetts, who wants to become a meteorologist someday.

Question: Would you have had the ability to present a technical paper to 300 broadcast meteorologists at a science meeting?? When you were in high school??

I know I sure couldn’t!

Matthew attended a weather camp put on by Michael Mogill (who has worked as a meteorologist for many years both for NOAA, in TV and in the private sector). Mike Mogil has presented many fantastic talks at this conference over the years, and we share a deep passion for science, and science education in America.

Mike Mogil, the meteorologist who started the weather camp that Matthew Cappucci attended.

Mike Mogul lives what he preaches, and he acted as a mentor to Matthew. The talk by both of them today was fantastic, and I’ll post the video clip of the talks when the American Meteorological Society makes them available in a few weeks. If you know a student who might be interested in going to weather camp, contact Michael at HOW THE WEATHER WORKS

By the way, Matthew got a standing ovation!

They both deserve one.