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11 February 2013

The Fundamentals Of Science That American Students Are Not Learning

There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute- Joseph Bessimer Con-Man Do you take vitamin C when you get a cold? Have you considered buying those pills for your prostate (hawked by a sports broadcaster on TV), or looked into  those copper bracelets that channel your body’s natural energy to make you feel more alive??  Having trouble sleeping and tried taking some melatonin, or some other “miracle cure”. If so, you’re not alone! A large percentage of Americans …


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Tornado Strikes Hattiesburg MS. Tornadic Storms Rumbling into South Alabama As well.

There is only weak instability but the wind shear is very conducive to tornados ahead of a cold front. Meteorologists look at a particular type of low-level wind shear called the storm relative helicity. Values above 200 are a warning sign and above 300 are a BIG warning to look for tornadoes.  I am seeing values over 600 across South AL now so the threat remains.


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