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12 January 2013

Deadly Frozen Smog Closes In On Beijing

Temps in Beijing are running around -5C and visibility is less than 200 meters in places. There is a large high pressure system over the region that is causing a strong temperature inversion. This means the air aloft is warmer than the air at the surface so smoke and soot from factories and trucks gets trapped over the city. A blob of warm smoke from a factory smoke stack will begin to rise  because it is …


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Dr. Richard Alley at the AGU- Well worth a watch!

Dr. Richard Alley is one of those few scientists who really connect with the public. He was asked to do the Bjerknes lecture at the AGU meeting in San Francisco last month and it’s an hour of good plain-spoken climate science from a real expert in paleoclimate. I did enjoy the loony letter he shared at the beginning of the lecture. Anyone who works in the science field gets these (I have …


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