27 December 2012

Images of The Big Christmas Storm

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Screen capture of the Mobile tornado at sunset on Christmas Day.

Some images and video of the worst Christmas severe weather outbreak on record. Along with the Christmas Day blizzard that struck Oklahoma and Arkansas. Some of these images were posted by my fellow broadcast mets. on Facebook etc. Worth sharing!

The CCTV video from the Walgreen’s store in the path of the Mobile tornado leads off…


KETK TV posted this satellite image showing lake effect snow…in NE Texas!

and a video of the Mobile tornado…


and from the KTEN TV in Oklahoma Facebook page…

There is always at least one viewer who just cannot get it!

and sometimes your really must double-check your typing…

I wonder how you drive on that!

…and some cool science here from Brand Panovich the Chief Metr. at WCNC Charlotte. A Centrifugal hole showing up around a strong vortex. Obviously a tornado is here based on the velocity data but the hole is the clincher. The high winds around the tornado have cleared the rain away from the vortex here. The velocity data is indicating an intense circulation but the hole is a rarely seen signature.

Click for a much larger version. Courtesy of Brad Panovich at WCNC TV.

Austin Bowling of KSWO posted this picture of the blizzard in Lawton,OK.

Our Sports Director Scott Abraham (here at WBOC in Salisbury, MD) had a white Christmas in Pittsburgh. He sent me a pic of it, knowing my belief that there is no such thing as too much snow!

A lot of meteorologists in TV and at NOAA worked some long hours on Christmas..

Note: I forgot to put the KSWO pic in at first and added it in this update.