30 September 2012

Must See Video on Arctic Sea Ice

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Some good info fromScience journalist Peter Sinclair on the Arctic meltdown. Dan's pic in the NW Passage.

Peter Sinclair who writes the excellent Climate Denial Crock of the Week Blog has posted a fascinating video. You will see Dr. Jennifer Francis in this as well. I have mentioned her research frequently here because how the weather I forecast reacts to the loss of ice is a big deal to me. The loss of the ice is a big deal tot he planet as well. Peter has more with an interview he did with Dr. Francis on his site. Highly recommended.

The BBC has done an excellent job of covering the dramatic loss this year but few other news outlets have. I saw one survey that said the work out program used by a Vice Presidential candidate has had 3 times more mentions than the planet changing ice melt “North of 60″….

Great job Peter! His video is below.