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10 July 2012

You Really MUST read this. Really!

Kudos to XKCD for this: Isn’t Physics grand!


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Last 12 Months In U.S. Are Warmest On Record. (A 1 in 1.59 million event)

The NCDC released the June temperature data today and while it was the 14th warmest on record, added to the 5 months before it make the first six months of the year the warmest on record. Not only that, but it is also the warmest 12 consecutive months on record. We still had a La Nina back in the fall so the warmth of the last 12 months worldwide is even more …


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9 July 2012

Wondering Why The Higgs Discovery Is Such A Big Deal? Here’s Help.

I saw an excellent piece about the HIggs discovery today that is worth passing on. Two well written pieces actually, one in Forbes and the other by Garance Franke Ruta in the Atlantic. Both of these articles are well worth a read, but if you really want to have an understanding of why this is such a big deal, you will need to spend a bit more time. Albert Einstein famously said “that everything …


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6 July 2012

Strong Signs of El Nino Brewing In The Pacific (Global temps will likely jump to new records.)

Imagine you are slowly filling a bathtub with water, and are measuring how deep the water is at frequent intervals. Also imagine, that at times your dog jumps in while you’re measuring, and this of course causes you to get a higher water level. The dog gets back out, and the water level drops slightly, but not as much as it was before because the faucet is still running, and …


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4 July 2012

Can You Say Nobel Prize?

I knew you could! Seen on Facebook from Sagan Series : “Hairless primates on a wet salty rock discover a fundamental particle.”


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3 July 2012

Welcome To The New Climate- NCAR Climate Expert Kevin Trenberth on PBS

It’s not a proper question to ask if this heat wave is being caused by climate change. Climate change has a hand in all of these extremes now. A better way to think about it is to say  that climate change makes these kind of events worse and more frequent. I wrote a piece for the NCAR Currents magazine earlier this year on just this question. Kevin Trenberth at NCAR was on the …


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